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Hello Everybody!

I'd like to thank you for this unique opportunity and introduce You our self-serve advertising platform. PPCmate DSP works on RTB technology and has partnered with multiple SSPs like Google's DoubleClick, MoPub, ProperllerAds, AdCash and 100+ more. PPCmate has access to 90% of programmatic advertising inventory of the Web.

PPCmate offers the following advertising formats in CPM and CPV metrics:
  • Native
  • Display
  • Video
  • Pop-under
  • Pop-up
  • Interstitial
We provide video tutorials and new campaign guides for step-by-step instructions. Our friendly and experienced Support Team is ready to assist You 24/7 via Live Chat, Support Tickets, Phone and Skype.

Give us a chance and let the results speak for themselves! Sign up today and get free $5 bonus to start advertising.

Thank you very much for your time!

Kind regards,

Michael Manelidis / Co-Founder & CEO


Hello Martini and thank you for your message!

Yes, we can run offers on binary offers, but not to all. We do not support nutra offers at all. If you visit our website, you can see the Creative Guidelines in the footer.

Also I'd like to tell you that we support free trial accounts. You can create a few campaigns to test everything, let's make sure we can accept your offers before you decide to start investing.

We provide video tutorials and new campaign guides too.

Cheers! :)