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    Affiliates Wanted mVAS Recommendations

    Guys! We have great news for you. These 5 Mobile Content offers are doing amazing and still have caps available! Chile is our most stable GEO. We have many Entel offers that have been converting for 5 months! Right now, Salfate 47274 is the top converting one! South Africa is one of our...
  2. harnur

    How to find profitable campaigns on SPY TOOLs?

    Hello, I have been making consistent $4000-$5000/month using push traffic, but all my earning comes from just 1 offer and the worst thing is that's it's an exclusive offer than is listed on only 1 affiliate network. So, i want to diversify my income. I have 9-10 months of experience with push...
  3. Gibster

    Looking for a DSP working with IndexExchange on PMP

    Hello everyone, A publisher I really want to work with has created a PMP (Private Market Place) deal for me on the IndexExchange. However, I am finding it really hard to access this deal as I haven't found a DSP that works with them on PMP terms. If you guys know of any DSPs/companies that...
  4. shafi kasmani

    Display Banner Advertising - Spent $5 and Earned $33

    Traffic Source = Adclerks - Display Advertising Ads [looks like buysellads] Affiliate Program = sign up and cps offer I Bought 125x125 Size Banner and $5 Fixed Per month Excepts CPM from Adclerks I added 125x125 Size Banner and Affiliate Link 13th May to 27th May Results Reports...
  5. Performance Bay

    Affiliates Wanted CPA Direct Offers w/ good payouts & product+ Amazon Cards - to top the payouts!

    Sign-Up Today & Get Amazon Gift Card - On Top of Your Payout Commission Comment below and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have! Some of the main KPIs that we try to give to you: -Same day - open your Affiliate / Publisher Account, assign a personal AM - and get the...
  6. M

    Lead Generation for Forex for LATAM and EU

    Hi someone can provide lead generation company names whish work well in LATAM and EU? All type of traffic sources are accepted. Thanks!
  7. PPCmate

    Hello from PPCmate!

    Hello Everybody! I'd like to thank you for this unique opportunity and introduce You our self-serve advertising platform. PPCmate DSP works on RTB technology and has partnered with multiple SSPs like Google's DoubleClick, MoPub, ProperllerAds, AdCash and 100+ more. PPCmate has access to 90% of...
  8. evomarketplace

    Buying Leads US/CA Nutra Free trials

    Hello guys ! EvoLeads is looking for DIRECT PUBS to promote our nutra products for US and CA - Highest payouts guaranteed, weekly payments (even daily with volume), and unlimited cap - Products available: garcinia, skin, diet, cleanse, male enhancement, brain booster, booty and bust enhancement...
  9. abdellahi

    startapp guide

    Hi everyone just decided to write this guide to help you on creating campaigns with startapp. startapp is a display ad network that have a lot of good quality traffic they work on PPC model so let's go and create our first campaign. one thing i like about startapp they always have good promotion...
  10. A

    LP for pop ads

    Hi folks I have two questions. First I want to know, Can new landing page be used for pop up ads instead of using advertiser's Landing page. if yes then how can that landing page be directed to offer page in pop up ads. I want to promote a pin submit offers. Second which is better CPA format for...
  11. RewardsGG - 100% gaming website

    Hello, My name is Ben, I'm project manager for https rewards{dot}gg , we are a giveaway website, we provide games, game's items (skins, heroes, gift cards...) & gaming hardware (keyboards, mouse, headset...) to players for FREE. - Our website is 100% free. - Our business is base on: free /...
  12. LeoSzac

    Is this a hit or a miss? presenting an idea

    hi there, I hate shameless self promotion, but i couldn't resist posting here because i wrote this project with people like us in mind (those who sell traffic online) Since I started working as publisher I hated a lot when I had to define which ad promote because I had limited inventory or...
  13. Dustin Barruela

    Selling Traffic We have Pop traffic for all Geos on CPM!

    PLEASE READ FIRST, BEFORE CONTACT We have dynamic CPM to ensure a cost-effective campaign. We offer the following targeting options through our self-serve RTB platform. 1. Carrier (viva, verizon, beeline, etc.) 2. Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera) 3. Device (Mobile and PC) 4...
  14. wwwpromoter

    Hello from WWWPromoter ad network

    Hey Affiliate Fix! I'm a rep from WWWPromoter: self-serve global RTB platform. We specialize in display and popunders. If you're looking for traffic, feel free to message me! I'm surprised we haven't jumped on here earlier! We're really friendly, so don't be afraid to say hi! :)