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Affiliate Manager

Guys! We have great news for you.

These 5 Mobile Content offers are doing amazing and still have caps available!

Chile is our most stable GEO. We have many Entel offers that have been converting for 5 months! Right now, Salfate 47274 is the top converting one!

South Africa is one of our favorite GEOs as well. It was down for a few weeks and it was a bummer. But now Vodacom is back and stronger than ever! Try African Dance Videos with banner traffic if you want to make some revenue real quick!

Nigeria is definitely this week's surprise! USSD flows are performing well in African countries, so we definitely recommend you the Offer 49414!

PIN Submit Offers in MENA GEOs are definitely the best of 2020. Especially with Push and Display traffic. Check our best offer for Jordan below!

Last but not least, we're making crazy numbers in BR TIM with inapp traffic! Try OTA VR360 or any other offer of this segment! All are working well

Search these offers in MOBIPIUM's Market using the OfferID or ask your dedicated Account Manager about them.

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