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  1. moneydrop2021

    Buying Banner Spots on Email Newsletter

    I want to promote some offers through email marketing by buying banner spots on others' email newsletters. In the past, I worked with other marketers who charged me at least several dollars/day for their email newsletter banner spots. Are there any reputable companies that do that right now?
  2. Adavice

    Official Summer Updates at Adavice DSP

    This Adavice Barbie has the BEST support team on the market!:cool::) Summer 2023 holds more sources, more formats and our experienced support team takes professional care of your advertising campaign while you are on vacation!* ⭐Early access to 13% Bonus for Affiliatefix...
  3. Franke

    AdStuff - Buy & Sell: Native, Pop, Push and Banner traffic!

    AdStuff is a Next Generation Premium Self-Serve Ad Network and Ad Exchange. If you are looking for an innovative ad network which uses only time-tested technology solutions for ad rotation, with transparent statistics and dedicated support, then you should try AdStuff. Lifetime partnerships and...
  4. EZmob

    Official EZmob

    EZmob submitted a new resource: EZmob - Self-Serve Advertising Network for Media Buyers and Affiliates Read more about this resource...

    Affiliates Wanted mVAS Recommendations

    Guys! We have great news for you. These 5 Mobile Content offers are doing amazing and still have caps available! Chile is our most stable GEO. We have many Entel offers that have been converting for 5 months! Right now, Salfate 47274 is the top converting one! South Africa is one of our...

    Official TOP5 Dating Offers

    Hey there, Have you tried our newest Dating Offers? We just uploaded them to the platform and they're already making good money with lots of Affiliates and with our Internal Media Buying Team! Check them out! Still not MOBIPIUM's Affiliate? Sign up here.
  7. J

    Buying banner space

    Hi, I wonder if I can buy banner space to place my ads in from specific websites? I know you can place your add in specific sites via Google display ads. But is it cheaper to purchase banners elsewhere? Network? Direct from the website? If anyone has experience in this please chime in. Cheers...
  8. shafi kasmani

    Display Banner Advertising - Spent $5 and Earned $33

    Traffic Source = Adclerks - Display Advertising Ads [looks like buysellads] Affiliate Program = sign up and cps offer I Bought 125x125 Size Banner and $5 Fixed Per month Excepts CPM from Adclerks I added 125x125 Size Banner and Affiliate Link 13th May to 27th May Results Reports...
  9. RealFire

    Need Mobile Interstitial/Full page banner for US

    Hey Guys, Lemme know if your network has mobile interstitial/full page banner ad unit and got volume for US visitors. My daily budget will depend on the performance. Recently i spent $50-$150 per day. Thank You
  10. I

    Avazu DSP mobile traffic

    Hi, I have an Avazu DSP account lying around. Anyone interested?
  11. chervenkov

    Question about pre LP

    Are you using PreLanding pages in your CPL dating offers or just push traffic direct to the offer? Im curious, because I personally think prelander are useless because you can say everything important in banner ad (especially now with new google rules about misleadings ads) and there is no need...
  12. chervenkov

    New google rules

    Hello guys, i cant find thread about new google rules, so let's discuss here: An update on Better Ads  |  Web  |  Google Developers Some of the big traffic seller already start to change their approval rules about the banners. Here there is a lot of experienced guys from me and im...
  13. Husain T Sayanwala

    Need Traffic CPI ........

    ADAttract (Affiliate Network) is looking for Publisher who can push quality traffic for our WW CPI converting offers...
  14. faceoffsuccess07

    my road to success with mobile CPA - $10,000/month Goal - Update 11/14/2017

    Hi Guys, After gathering information from this forum for months, I just decided to launch my first campaign. Aff Network :Adcombo Offer payout :$6.00 Offer type : Adult Traffic source :Traffic Force, and others So i loaded my traffic source with $100, used hidemyass and user agent switcher...
  15. Nastya G

    TubeCorporate Ad Network

    Hello everyone! My name is Nastya and I am a representative of TubeCorporate. We run our own adult tubes and cjtubes. We have high volumes of WW traffic. We sell pops, banners and hardlinks. Contact me for detailed information: Skype - live:Nastya_925
  16. chervenkov

    Which software you use for build LP, banners, ads

    Hello, my question is what kind of software/tools you use to build your landing pages, banners and ads. Thank you.
  17. B

    Newbie looking for someone who can make nice banners

    Hello, I have been an affliate for almost a year now and i am making a living on it but not as good as i read here sometimes. So i set up a adult toys shop and i am looking for some who can make some nice banners for me? I am looking for about 5 banners in the size 300x250. If you can make...
  18. Refes

    RPM vs. CPM

    The difference is quite sincere: CPM refers back to the fee of purchasing 1,000 ad impressions, while RPM refers back to the sales generated from serving 1,000 ad devices (or from serving 1,000 pages–greater in this distinction under). In lots of instances, those metrics may be nearly equal...
  19. milan02

    200$ to start cpa ?

    hello i have 200 $ budget and i want start cpa i dont worry about testing lp because i will use google analytics experiment i will just use facebook ads to test the banner but how much you suggest to spent in the test facebook ads and how much i will spend in the winner ads ?
  20. J

    Buying Traffic TS Recommendation for Banner displays in SE Asian countries

    Please recommend traffic sources for Banner Display ads in South East asian countries where the initial deposit is not too much and the daily budget should start from $5-$10. They should have CPC option as well.