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    Official MOBIPIUM's TOP Offers by Continent

    Hey guys, It doesn't matter where your traffic is coming from, we have Mobile Content Offers for the whole globe! Check below the solutions we have for each continent! We're running out of caps in most of these offers so please ask your dedicated AM to save some for you ASAP! Still not...

    Affiliates Wanted mVAS Recommendations

    Guys! We have great news for you. These 5 Mobile Content offers are doing amazing and still have caps available! Chile is our most stable GEO. We have many Entel offers that have been converting for 5 months! Right now, Salfate 47274 is the top converting one! South Africa is one of our...

    Affiliates Wanted MOBIPIUM mVAS TOP10

    Hi everybody! This is this week's best selection of mVAS offers. Ask your dedicated AM about them and if you're still not working with MOBIPIUM, click here to change that!!

    Affiliates Wanted MOBIPIUM 15% Summer Bonus!!!!!

    Guys! In MOBIPIUM we're so happy that summer is finally here that we feel like giving money away! Do you run Dating / Casino / e-Commerce / Sweepstakes or Mobile Content Offers? SIGN UP as an affiliate, pick any offer from our Market and cash the revenue that you generate with a 15% extra...

    Affiliates Wanted MOBIPIUM Carrier Billing Offers!

    Hey guys! As everybody knows, MOBIPIUM is one of the TOP Networks that comes up when you think about Carrier Billing and that's why we start this thread > To share our best selection! We'll be posting them once a week just to let you know where the money is!
  6. K

    Seeking for Pin Submit, Click flow, MO flow traffic

    Hi, I am direct advertiser developed in house carrier billing offers such as click flow, MO flow, pin submit , seeking for top quality marketing partners or media buyer to promote. Feel free to hit me on skype for further discussion - kimmeng88 Talk soon Cheers, Kim
  7. affiliatelk

    Ask Me Anything I have a question signup with mundomedia affiliate network?

    I am really interested in sign up with mundomedia affiliate network (specially in mobile). I would like to promote sweepstakes and carrier billing offers through them. is there anyone answer to my questions ? 1. sweepstakes and carrier billing is in which verticals like gaming, gambling ect...