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  1. Sandro_Kari

    Optimal starting cpc rates for native advertising

    Hi everyone! I did not find a similar thread on the forum and decided to raise such a question. What is the optimal cpc in different native advertising platforms depending on the country. I've been working with Outbrain for a long time and can share my experience (mobile platforms)...
  2. aodaili

    Ask Me Anything Hi, I am looking for the mgid advertiser account.

    Hi, Is anyone here the advertising agency of the mgid ad network? I am looking for the native traffic to run the nutra.;) Please contact to me, thanks!
  3. ClickAdilla

    Publishers ClickAdilla

    We’ve been in the business as a publisher for more than 10 years, have more than 40 websites, so we have a crystal-clear understanding of what an effective Ad is. Our experience + your needs = high-demand formats: Inpage — flexible configuration, CTR up to 20%; iOS notification —...
  4. Galaksion Ad Network

    Galaksion Advertising Network

    Galaksion is an International Advertising Network that sells traffic received directly from website owners. We do not work with resellers and can guarantee high quality due to a proprietary anti-fraud system and solid traffic quality assurance standards. Pump your profit with CPA pricing model...
  5. Deus

    Squeeze page

    Is it important to have a landing page before your affiliate link on native? From what I read you can get away with a lot more on taboola or outbrain than on facebook. Or is it just a thing necessary for getting better conversions?
  6. Zach Measures

    How to create intrigue and urgency in media buying

    Joe Williams, Founder of Version Two talks to me about creating content that converts. For anyone buying on Native, we discuss these points: 1) What kind of campaigns are successful (and the best tactics to make this work) 2) The essential tools for maximising results 3) The secret behind...
  7. DanielF

    Success with Native in 2020?

    Interested to hear from anyone in the forum who is currently having regular success with Native traffic. By this I would say consistently over $200/day revenue with better than 30% ROI. I have seen many success stories on various forums but I'm specifically interested in people doing this now...
  8. RyanOak

    Journey to $10.000+ per month with Native Ads

    Hello, I decided to open my Journey thread to help others and get help from you guys. And hope it will motivate myself and others as well. A bit of my background you can read on my Success Stories and Bragging thread. I first heard about native ads 2 years ago from this guy. I wanted to try...
  9. harnur

    How to find profitable campaigns on SPY TOOLs?

    Hello, I have been making consistent $4000-$5000/month using push traffic, but all my earning comes from just 1 offer and the worst thing is that's it's an exclusive offer than is listed on only 1 affiliate network. So, i want to diversify my income. I have 9-10 months of experience with push...
  10. Laimonas

    What Native ads management tool are you using?

    Hi everyone! :) I was wondering what tools are you using for native ads management? And why? Please let me know in the comments below.
  11. B

    Anstrex Spytool Native+Push Group Buy

    Hey Guys, i have Anstrex spytool, i am looking to for 3 individuals to share my account. I have Native + Push subscription.
  12. Daniella MGID

    10% Cashback on Singapore traffic from MGID

    Happy to share with you MGID’s new promo on SG traffic! Good Singaporean traffic is hard to come by and when you do it, it is even harder to find enough to scale up your campaign. MGID has been dramatically expanding its presence in the APAC region, particularly in Singapore. Daily we receive...
  13. DailyAffiliate

    Nutra Ads with Taboola (HELP ME OUT)

    Hello, I have been trying to get my Nutra campaign live on Taboola but they are rejecting it saying "Prohibited Content". The same type of campaigns are running for over 6 months with the same landing pages, how are they making it work? This campaign will be run in India only. I would love...
  14. Lisa_trafficshop

    Trafficshop launched native ads

    Happy to share the news about the recent addition to the formats at Trafficshop. Native ads have been added both for desktop and mobile. How it works: you create a native thumb with Title, description and destination URL and we add it to the native blocks on the sites of our publishers. The...
  15. Mentalist

    New In Native about 3 months

    just get into Native about 3 months, focus on Nutra relative offers.
  16. CrushALot

    Looking for NATIVE TRAFFIC recommendation?

    Hi Everyone: I'm a novice trying to learn affiliate marketing by running direct link Zip Submits and SOI ads focused solely on Employment & Education offers from MaxBounty & Peerfly. Unfortunately, TABOOLA shut me down after 3 months on the grounds that I was violating their policy which I...
  17. Axel_inferno09

    What's up with Taboola

    so i decided to join taboola, I contacted them. Cutting to the chase everything went out okay and finally they sent me an invoice for depositing and they asked me for an initial deposit of $3000. However, the fees were weird. On the invoice, i was asked to pay $3138 and this $138 was just the...
  18. Evadav

    Review EvaDav - native advertising network | CPM | CPA | Push notifications

    EvaDav is a client-oriented native advertising network, providing cutting-edge solutions both to advertisers and publishers who are integrated into a single platform. It provides the best performance for the advertisers and embraces one of the most perspective markets of advertising formats –...
  19. Karolina Voluum

    Ask Me Anything Voluum DSP - All You Need to Know & Ask Us Anything

    Hey Guys, We’re starting a new thread about Voluum DSP where we will be sharing a lot of tips on running and optimizing native campaigns, insights on top performing verticals, auto-optimization and much more. It’s also the right place to ask questions – ask us anything – we are here for you...
  20. youngnutramoney

    Adcombo & native can it work?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is anyone out there is actually making Adcombo offers work on native profitably without running your own offer lander through API? I run other COD networks on native and they all have WAY WAY better confirm rates, plus their standard pre-lander/landers convert way...