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  1. K

    7 questions (that everyone says) that you should ask yourself before starting a business

    Does my idea solve a problem? Is there a market for your idea? Is your idea monetizable? Are you passionate about this business opportunity? Have you tried your idea? How will I promote my business idea?
  2. B

    Feel free to share your CPA affiliate success stories and tool recommendations

    Dear All, I’m new to the group and have a couple CPA campaign questions: What networks do you recommend that have a good approval rate for people that never ran a CPA campaign but have some online ad experience? Any tips to get approved? Should I focus on desktop or mobile or test both? What...
  3. Alexey Pearce

    What native ads platform is better in 2018?

    Can you advise proven native advertising platform with good results for e-commerce in 2018?
  4. vintik

    Hope I am not too late

    Hi All Members, My name is Vinay and I am from India and totally new to affiliate marketing. For the past 6 years I have been into staffing and gave good results for my firm, but my boss has now expectations that are hard to fulfill in limited time and this is effecting my normal life. I have...
  5. Eric hunter

    Where & How can I find them...?!

    Currently, I'm recruiting new affiliates to our company affiliate program. A big cut of our lead & clients come from France. So I want to recruit some French websites owner or affiliates to promote our website (services and product). Bottom line, my question is: Where & How can I find some good...
  6. Eric hunter

    How to build my affiliate program from zero in the Best Way?!

    I just posted a new thread in the introduction section, but I can't wait so.... I got my new job as an affiliate manager, and this time I built from zero the entire Affiliate Program of a working company. I already did every thing and I have new affiliates that already working, sending traffic...
  7. Kennedy Ijeh

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello everyone. I need a little help. Recently ive decided that I was going to start taking affiliate marketing seriously. Ive done mlms and other affiliate marketing ventures, but have ALL failed. Well after reflecting on my failed attempts I decided i had to figure out what was wrong. To start...
  8. bookfre

    Need suggestions and ideas for my charity website on books

    Hello, All! I am running a website with charity purpose where people including students, poor scholars etc can download their needy contents like books etc. website is running and I'm posting books from my store, but want to embed book for those who can't even download so that they can read...
  9. Z

    Opinion Wanted!

    Hi everybody! What are your most favourite + least favourite things about tracking softwares (any of them)? What expectations do they meet/not meet? What features do you like/dislike? What should be added? Your input would be most appreciated! -Zach
  10. R

    Some newbie questions

    Hi, I have some newbie questions. Let's start with them: 1. CPV advertising (paid traffic) vs. CPC advertising: I am looking into 2 types of paid traffic: CPV and CPC. Since I'm just starting with paid traffic, I have found some networks to start with: CPV networks: Lead Impact...