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  1. R

    Some newbie questions

    Hi, I have some newbie questions. Let's start with them: 1. CPV advertising (paid traffic) vs. CPC advertising: I am looking into 2 types of paid traffic: CPV and CPC. Since I'm just starting with paid traffic, I have found some networks to start with: CPV networks: Lead Impact...
  2. mirofox

    please help

    hey i have problem with cpvlab i can't get keyword/url target i use mediatraffic network please help
  3. karthik94

    [URGENT HELP] Can anyone give me list of adware for PPV popup

    Hi all, I need list of adware which triggers popups from ppv traffic of famous networks like Leadimpact, TrafficVance, AdonNetwork, Mediatraffic etc. I would thank alot if get something here. So gimme the list of adwares to install. I would be happy if i get the download link of adware too...
  4. Micheal

    mediatraffic or zeropark

    hello bros i want to start with ppv traffic can you tell me is this tow network's have good quality traffic ?? mediatraffic zeropark and what us the best one mediatraffic or zeropark and is there is any coupon code for this net ?? thank you