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  1. MyBid

    Numbers in Affiliate Marketing: Analyzing the Main Metrics and Their Relationship

    When affiliate marketers open an advertising account, they are presented with many performance indicators for their campaigns: conversions, CR, EPC, and more. As they connect trackers, even more metrics become available, making it increasingly challenging to distinguish between important and...
  2. MyBid


    Hi, everyone! We are extremely excited to finally meet you! Our network has been working privately for several years, improving processes, developing new products, opening new GEOs. And now we are happy to go public and open registration for everyone who wants to work directly with high-quality...
  3. epetoke

    UK CPC Campaigns

    Hi everyone. We have 4 really good cpc campaigns for UK traffic and we're looking for quality affiliates with email traffic. The campaigns are for major brand names and payouts start from £0.40 per click. Message me if you want to know which brands we have cpc campaigns for and I will come back...
  4. Targeleon

    Targeleon Native CPC

    Good day! We welcome you on our platform: We offer a bonus for the first top up. More than 200+ GEOs. Different Targeting options.
  5. SuryaJ

    Official Ezmob: Launch Floating Push Ads!

    Hello Members, Have you ever tried Floating Push? EZmob now have it! Go ahead and try Floating Push starting only from $0.003 CPC! What is a Floating - push ad: "Floating push Ads look similar to push notifications or native ads. They integrate into the users' experience while they browse...
  6. Costolleumus

    Good CPC with minimum deposit lower than 50$?

    Is there any quality traffic CPC Ad network with deposit lower than 50$? I want to test first my affiliate program before I invest more than 50$ to advertising.
  7. Trellian DSN

    Intent-Driven Domain Traffic!

    Since 2008, Trellian Direct Search Network has been trusted by leading advertisers and marketers to deliver premium domain redirect traffic. Our Cost-Per-Visitor (CPV) real-time bidding platform has enabled advertisers to acquire quality, intent-driven domain traffic. Why do advertisers Choose...
  8. IndeXer

    Starting PayPerCall Campaign

    Hi, I got accepted in @MarketCall and starting my first paypercall campaign, as this is my first ever paypercall campaign I need few pointers and tips. So far I see that Marketcall doesn't provide landing pages so its a bit expensive to get the landing pages. What I understood so far is, you...
  9. Trellian DSN

    Trellian is your go-to network for high-quality traffic!

    Are you in search of high performing, intent driven traffic? Look no further, Trellian Direct Search Network is your go-to source for your lead generation efforts. Trellian offers high-quality domain redirect traffic that can support your lead generation and marketing goals. We specialize in...
  10. Jed22

    CPM vs CPC: What are the advantages to choosing either bid type?

    Okay so this might be a bit of a newbie question, but I couldn't find anything on it in the wiki:) I wanted to ask: in what scenario is it better to use CPM? Because I have been doing only CPC campaigns so far and I'm curious as to what the benefit would be to pay per 1000 impressions instead...
  11. Clickadu Denis

    Selling Traffic [SALE] More Push traffic available.

    Sheesh, Clickadu Push Notification traffic is growing stronger in no time. Looking to expand your traffic capacity? Here's an updated list of the HOT countries with Push Notification CPC traffic: Saudi Arabia - 33M daily volume - $0,004 CPC Spain - 29M daily volume - $0,006 CPC Pakistan - 29M...
  12. Trellian DSN

    Premium Traffic in current popular verticals!

    Trellian Direct Search Network continues to provide premium domain redirect traffic in leading industry verticals. Our self-managed, real-time bidding platform allows advertisers to bid on our exclusive source of highly relevant domain redirect traffic. Trellian uses high level filtering to...
  13. Clickadu Denis

    Blossoming nihon traffic sale: Get JP at $0.001!

    This time we’d like to offer you something really rare. The cherry blossom trees are about to bloom and I guess you know what it is 6.6 million daily exclusive Push traffic from Japan is available for you at $0.001 CPC or $0.01 CPM in the Self-Serve Platform Need something more than that? We...
  14. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic DSP In-App Traffic needed

    Hello Folks Urgently looking for Quality In-App traffic for our Direct Mobile App offers. User has to must pass IDFA,GAID,APP NAME/SITE ID, PUB ID. We do prepayment, if you prove your traffic quality , Good click-to-install rate above 0.50% & dont do Click Spamming / Click flooding. Could you...
  15. Sergollio

    AD agency looking for EU and Asia traffic

    Hi all, my name is Sergio, i'm working in advertising for 5 years. I'm interesting in CPA but working with CPM. I'm looking for video, display banner, push traffic in EU and Asia for gambling offers.
  16. B

    How can i get CPC Offers?

    Hello guys. Can you please let me know how i can get good CPC offers
  17. S

    Any notable harms of Email Passing?

    If it does violate the GDPR in EU, it would be great to know exactly how.
  18. Ronyking Sourcing INC

    Offer Wanted Any Good CPC Offer right Now?

    I want to ask if there is any good CPC offer with a CR of more than 20% and pays in between $0.5 and $1 And im also looking at either daily, bi weekly or weekly payment. i'd prefer btc or Payoneer only. Any offer like this please?
  19. S

    Newbie looking to buy dating traffic

    Hello there I am new dating affiliate. Being doing great for now. I am looking to boost my traffic by buying clicks. The reviews arent much of a help as are somewhat awful and somewhat amazing. Anyone had enough experience to help me on this question? I am not looking 1 big hit but for a...
  20. Affmy

    Buying Leads We buy E-mail traffic on API CPC!

    Hello! Do you want to increase revenue from your email base? You can earn additional cash by monetizing email users with our exclusive API offers - LookADate and Matchsniper: What do we offer? - get up to $0.50 for each unique user - effective flow: 1-click user registration - no...