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Selling Traffic [SALE] More Push traffic available.

Lana Kova

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager

Sheesh, Clickadu Push Notification traffic is growing stronger in no time. Looking to expand your traffic capacity?

Here's an updated list of the HOT countries with Push Notification CPC traffic:

  • Saudi Arabia - 33M daily volume - $0,004 CPC
  • Spain - 29M daily volume - $0,006 CPC
  • Pakistan - 29M daily volume - $0,001 CPC
  • United Kingdom - 13M daily volume - $0,01 CPC
  • Uzbekistan - 7.5M daily volume - $0,008 CPC
  • United Arab Emirates - 8.5M daily volume - $0,006 CPC

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Lana Kova

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
Here in Clickadu, we do believe that Push Notifications are still very much alive.

Get a good return with HOT Push traffic slices at reasonable rates:

FR (France) - 177.4M impressions daily - $0,012 CPC
DE (Germany)- 174.5M impressions daily - $0,013 CPC
US (United States) - 156.2M impressions daily - $0,014 CPC
RU (Russia) - 135.4M impressions daily - $0,008 CPC
VN (VietNam) - 64.9M impressions daily - $0,004 CPC

What's else? Clickadu allows more verticals for Push Notifications than any other advertising network.

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