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Traffic Types
  1. Media
  2. Display
  3. Mobile
  4. Adult
  5. Other
Minimum Deposit
Payment Types
  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
  3. CC
  4. Other
Clickadu has unique capabilities and experience in optimization, as well as in online performance analysis that help publishers and advertisers to achieve their business goals. The self-service interface for publishers is easy to use, payments are always on time, high-qualified multilingual team of technical and business specialists will provide all necessary support and managed service for partners.

  • A huge volume of multi-geo traffic from direct publishers on all popular desktop and mobile channels

  • Six advertising formats

  • Advanced targeting

  • Choice of price models: CPM, CPC, SmartCPA, SmartCPM & RTB/XML

  • API Integration for SSP

  • Hourly updated statistics

  • User-friendly Self Service Platform

  • Personal accounting to manage campaigns

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Unique IT developments for traffic quality control

  • Variety of convenient payment methods

  • On-time automated payouts start from $50

  • Higher CPM rates in comparison with many other competitors

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Tuning agility of ad impressions

  • Unique IT developments for anti-malware protection

  • Exclusive advertisers

  • 5% referral program
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    Clickadu Denis
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Latest reviews

A total waste of time and money. Here is my story. I've been signed up for a month and a half I run adult offers fro FR and I wanted to try it out because the "forums" said that the platform was fine. Good at first. They take good care of me, answer all my questions and I decide to try. Without going long on the details. I put in $100 and they charged me a commission of $32.62 so my $100 stayed at $67.38. Great. The account tells me I'll get a refund, as a gesture. I'm still waiting. The first test failed without anyone telling me why. I had to threaten to leave and contact technical support to get someone to help me

My account was increasingly conspicuous by its absence. Finally, I arranged to take another test. Without success. No attempt on their part to solve anything. I asked for my money back. For FR, at least, it's not even worth trying.

For FR, at least, it's a waste of time and money
Clickadu Denis
Clickadu Denis
Clickadu don't charge any top-up commissions. However, the payment systems transactions fee is on our advertisers' shoulders (it's all stated in the terms & conditions and you'll get a reminder while topping up).

Still, no payment system would charge $32.52 for $100. It seems that there is something missing in your commentary.
Very nice company!
Good TH,IN traffic. I recommend
This is my final choice in fact, as I've tried a number of biggest popunder ad networks. I promote my adult products with Clickadu. Pretty satisfied as my ROI got higher over half of year. Well, what would be nice is to add support at weekends.
We have been working with Clickadu for over a year now and during that time, they have become one of our major traffic sources.

We started off with a non self-served platform and now have a fully self-served, comfortable platform great for creating, maintaining and monitoring campaigns.

Their platform is constantly evolving and updating with improved functionality resulting in great traffic quality proving their platform works.

To top it all off, their service is fantastic. Our Account Manager Andre knows what he is talking about and is always quick to respond with friendly, smart solutions.

Unfortunately I can not show any data statistics by the policy of the company.
Fake traffic Don't west you'r monay and you'r Time
I used to work with a number of ad network. I must say that all of them sometimes have problems. It's normal. But I really liked how these guys from Clickadu find solutions. Traf has got much much cleaner. Support seems to be superb cuz the quickest I've ever met. I'm targeting on US ios, and rates are the best! i can just fix them and know at any moment how much I'm spending. I love such sales
When I started working with them haf a year ago my cpm were prety low. But than they started to grow, and now all right! even higher on some geos in comparison with other networks. I like how fast manager Paulina replies to me. Payouts are ontime. I can recomend this network
Best popunder networks for entertainment websites, especially for tier4 countries.
I am working with clickadu from the last 1 Years. I never face problem regarding payment or anything. These guys are best in support. I hope they will continue their good work.