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  1. Lana Kova

    Official 26% ROI with Clickadu Push subscription

    Hey guys! Do you think push subscriptions can earn money? We are sure that they can, and that is what our new case study is about In this practical push subscription case study we've managed to get 26% ROI, and we are eager to share our experience! GEO: India (IN); Traffic type: Clickunder...
  2. Lana Kova

    Selling Traffic FR - DE - ZA - SA - Pop traffic Sale

    Hello AffiliateFix Members, Clickadu is here. We're running high on Pop traffic volumes so we decided to add the discount for the following traffic slices: Germany - Android - 8.6Mln weekly - $0.2 CPM France - Android - 7.2Mln weekly - $0.5 CPM Germany - iOS - 2.8Mln weekly - $0.2 CPM France -...
  3. Lana Kova

    Clickadu Smartlink - Traffic wanted

    Hey guys, You surely don't want to miss this opportunity to score! Clickadu team has combined 4 TOP verticals into 4 different SmartLinks and hammer out the best possible conditions for you (SOI up to $5, DOI up to $12, PPS up to $250). All the bundles are tested and approved by our...
  4. Lana Kova

    Selling Traffic [SALE] More Push traffic available.

    Sheesh, Clickadu Push Notification traffic is growing stronger in no time. Looking to expand your traffic capacity? Here's an updated list of the HOT countries with Push Notification CPC traffic: Saudi Arabia - 33M daily volume - $0,004 CPC Spain - 29M daily volume - $0,006 CPC Pakistan - 29M...
  5. Lana Kova

    Blossoming nihon traffic sale: Get JP at $0.001!

    This time we’d like to offer you something really rare. The cherry blossom trees are about to bloom and I guess you know what it is 6.6 million daily exclusive Push traffic from Japan is available for you at $0.001 CPC or $0.01 CPM in the Self-Serve Platform Need something more than that? We...
  6. Lana Kova

    Selling Traffic [Selling] A lot of Push Notifications traffic available.

    And by lot... We mean... A LOT. Hello there. Seeking for new Push traffic sources? Clickadu has a list of TOP-badass countries for Push Notification CPC traffic available: India - 590M Daily Impressions - $0,001 CPC VietNam - 133M Daily Impressions - $0,004 CPC France - 53M Daily Impressions...
  7. Lana Kova

    Quiz: What advertising format are you?

    Have you ever bothered what advertising format you associate with? Then we have prepared some funny quiz for you! Pass the quiz and you'll find a bonus code for 5% cashback on a week test: What advertising format are you? ❗️ Bonus code depends on quiz results
  8. Lana Kova

    Selling Traffic 200-300K of JP traffic daily

    Hello there, Clickadu team is in high demand for partners on JP traffic. We're ready to offer you 200-300K quality impressions daily. Interested or have any questions regarding traffic origin? Feel free to contact us via \ Skype: affiliates_clickadu Or just sign up here.
  9. Lana Kova

    Drive EU traffic at $1.5

    Clickadu team is looking for mainstream traffic. Drive traffic at $1.5 per 1000 impressions on the following GEO: Iceland Andorra Estonia Malta Latvia Bulgaria Monaco Portugal Ireland Croatia Sign up here to start: Loading...
  10. Lana Kova

    Drive skimmed traffic to earn nuts!

    Hey there, folks! Clickadu team looking for partners on buying/selling SKIM traffic. You can monetize your traffic at the following rates: KR - $1.71 per mile HK - 1.66 per mile US - 1.51 per mile ZA - 1.49 per mile MY - 1.46 per mile JP - 1.38 per mile AE - 1.27 per mile AU - 1.26 per mile...
  11. Aida

    Hello, my name is Aida Clickadu =) I'm a Miss Popunder CPM Manager! Lets go to discuss

    We are the best Advertisers Network. Our Advertisers admit that our rates are the best. With us, you can increase your profit by 15-20%! Join me=) Skype: Aida Clickadu