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Official 26% ROI with Clickadu Push subscription

Lana Kova

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager

Hey guys! Do you think push subscriptions can earn money?
We are sure that they can, and that is what our new case study is about

In this practical push subscription case study we've managed to get 26% ROI, and we are eager to share our experience!
  • GEO: India (IN);
  • Traffic type: Clickunder
  • Spent: 50$ (25$ per each network)
  • Traffic amount: 61.1 k
  • Subscription difficulty: 3
  • TrafficBack: Built-in solution
  • Period: 31.03.2021 - 19.05.2021

Test conditions and features:​

Two push-subscription networks were taken for the test: one has been on the market for a long time (OLD) and the second is Clickadu, which recently added the option of push-subscription earnings.
In both networks you can choose a suitable ad format. For the test we choose Clickunder, as it is the best option to try the platform. Monetization type - Revshare.

It was really important to explore A/B testing at a long distance, so we’ve worked for almost two months to share the real experience. If you want to get profit here and now - choose CPS or CPL type in case you have good rest results and quality traffic sources.

It was also important for us to test the TrafficBack feature. It’s a way to earn extra money by showing an ad to users right after they subscribe, on the same landing page. It's really awesome that Clickadu has a built-in TrafficBack solution. As part of the case, we'll show how it actually works and how much profit we will get...

Check the full case study info and all the insights via link!
26% ROI with push subscription