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  1. Cpa Expert

    7search alternative

    Starting July 31, 2017 will be ceasing operations and is no longer providing pay per click traffic of any kind to its advertisers. Can someone recommend me other search ad networks? Anyone knows where they buy such traffic? Please don't advise Google Adwords, Bing Ads and...
  2. shafi kasmani

    My Journey With 7search | Goal - $50 Per DAY

    Yesterday I deposited $50 + $25 Bonus from Thanks to @LukePeerFly Goal - $50 Per Day Shareasale Program - Web Hosting Product - $225 Per Sale Today I made 1 Campaign keywords - 18 lists Ads - 1 ads Bid - $0.01 to $0.05! Devices - Desktop Only Country - US only Any questions come...
  3. N

    Using landing Pages

    Hi.. My name is Neeraj. I have joined affiliate marketing few months ago. Is any one here using 7search PPC network? I want to know, what will be the Display URL there to convert the customer. Please Suggest!! Thanks, Neeraj
  4. R

    Some newbie questions

    Hi, I have some newbie questions. Let's start with them: 1. CPV advertising (paid traffic) vs. CPC advertising: I am looking into 2 types of paid traffic: CPV and CPC. Since I'm just starting with paid traffic, I have found some networks to start with: CPV networks: Lead Impact...
  5. gregplatt

    7search send me Fake clicks

    Hello earners, Actually i have very bad experience with 7search ads, i got an account and spent money ,my first campaign got 26 clicks with no conversion even a single click for the landing page button ! so i thought it's my fault and i let this campaign run for 4 days and every day i got...
  6. burningb

    7search bidding

    Ok, so can anyone advise me re 7search bidding? Why when your bid isnt in the top 3 do you still get impressions? Whats a sensible amount to bid? Anyone have advice on 7search bidding best practices?
  7. N

    How to use 7search

    I recently signed to up 7search using the affiliate fix $50 promotion, does anyone have any advice on setting up campaigns and converting traffic
  8. Rvfamily

    7Search as a Traffic Source

    7Search as a Traffic Source What kind of traffic do you get from 7Search? Is it a viable source for your campaigns? How hard is it to get started with 7Search? 7Search These are the kinds of questions I hope to answer in this case study. I see many questions about 7Search as a traffic...

    7Search vs. Bing Ads

    Hi, PPC is still new territory. I have build a medical blog with unique articles and a lead capture page. I've claimed hopeful results with solo ads -- but not many providers for my niche. Plenty of Fish ads proved disastrous -- $100+ wasted. 1 optin. My questions are: 1. Has 7search...
  10. X

    7search coupon not working

    7search coupon not working i get an error page Fatal error SQLSTATE[HY000] [2000] mysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using the old insecure authentication. Please use an administration tool to reset your password with the command SET PASSWORD = PASSWORD('your_existing_password'). This will...