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    1. Cute-Sandra
      this is great, i really love your case study, so inspiring. thank you so much
    2. raynoldclare
      Really enjoy learning from your Case study. Keep it up, man!!!
      I'm very new to CPA marketing, just started learning around a month or two.
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      2. Rvfamily

        First, Welcome to the forum. It's been rocky at times, but I'm committed. If I can be of any assistance, let me know. I'm still very much the novice, but I'll help in any way I can. Thanks for the taking the time to read and follow.
        Dec 2, 2015
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    Mar 3, 1964 (Age: 53)
    Hello All,

    I am a newbie to IM, and have been searching for tools and information to allow me to get started in CPA marketing. I am happy to be a part of this forum and will share anything I've learned so far to help make the group better. I have taken a few courses on Udemy that were pretty good primers, but was looking for something more specific (as the case studies and guides found on these forums). Thanks to all who contribute and offer your time for the benefit of others.

    I've lost a couple of businesses over the years and fallen out of the sky to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars (lost a multi-unit quick service franchise). As such, I understand that any business takes money to get started.

    Since losing my Quiznos restaurants, I have been looking for a way to move from location specific managerial work to non location digital skills that will enable me to pick up my family and travel full time. In addition, I don't want (and don't have the resources) to start over again in brick and mortar businesses. I believe IM offers me the opportunities I'm looking for. So, I'm just working to gain the knowledge I need to get started.

    If you're interested in my writing, or in finding out a little bit more about me, please check out my blog (one of them) at www.nodailygrind.com Thanks again for the opportunity to network with you.

    As always,
    Here's to your success!


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