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Problem with Visual Editors Plugins on Wordpress

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by KoYo, May 26, 2016.

  1. KoYo

    KoYo Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everyone
    i have a bad problem that is driving me crazy for 3 days now :(
    i setup a wordpress on a host and i installed several visual editors plugin (Instabuilder2, Visual Composer, Thrive Content Builder) and all of them have the same problem that's is when i try to create a landing page it's start normally and flawless but when i click preview it's show up missed up with wordpress theme (twenty sixteen)
    so basically the plugins create the landing pages on top of the theme
    and the only way to disable a theme is by installing another one :mad::mad:
    i tried everything with no luck it's driving me crazy and slowing my workflow
    if anybody know what's going on i'll be very glad to hear some solution
  2. Voluum
  3. Akintunde Felix

    Akintunde Felix Affiliate affiliate

    Hey, Can you make a video explain the issue you are having. That will help us get a clear understanding about the issue
  4. KoYo

    KoYo Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Akintunde
    thanks for the reply
    the problem is that the theme is interrupting the plugin from creating the landing page
    here's a picture of the lander when i make it
    * http: //i.imgur.com/FTBVaDh. png

    and here's a picture of the lander when i click preview
    * http: //i.imgur.com/bfmy1X6. png

    sorry for not making a video due the slow internet i have
  5. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master

    Are you using nulled plugins?
    If so, they likely can't be updated which may make them incompatible with some theme updates.

    Do you have all three of those plugins installed at the same time?
    Many landing page plugins are incompatible with one another.
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  6. Akintunde Felix

    Akintunde Felix Affiliate affiliate

    Just as TJ said,

    I have the feeling its incompatibility issues.

    Consider changing the theme and deactivate the rest builder.

    Just use one.

    If you still keeping having the same issue,

    Consider re-installing wordpress, Or inform the plugins developers of the issues you are having
  7. Marc

    Marc 武士- Spamurai affiliate

    Hi @KoYo,

    the next tip: Have you already tried to find some help on YouTube? YT always offers some vids as great tutorials and problem solvers. I did a quick search for you and I'm sure you'll find a lot of helpful vids:
    Instabuilder2 wordpress plugin - YouTube

    Visual Composer wordpress plugin - YouTube

    Thrive Content Builder wordpress plugin - YouTube

    Google and YouTube are always worth a try for a "first aid".
    Another thing: There are so many free templates available out there. Why are you taking the boring twenty sixteen. Simply browse on google for some free and better designs ;)
  8. KoYo

    KoYo Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you T J Tutor
    i know you will be the one that knows what happening
    yes they are nulled
    currently i'm on tight budget so i can't afford them (please don't judge me i'm living in 3rd world country the plugins price it's a fortune over here) will buy it soon as i will be standing on my feet.
    no i deactivate other plugins when i'm working with one
    i will try to reinstall wp and find some good plugin that can make good landing pages
    thanks Akintunde will do
    thank you Marc
    i did a lot researching about this problem in the last 3 days and it's seems like i'm the only one who have this problem
    i wish i can delete all the templates because i'm not trying to set up a theme
    i'm trying to design a landing page from scratch and the theme is the problem
    thanks guys i really appreciate the time
  9. Akintunde Felix

    Akintunde Felix Affiliate affiliate

    You are welcome. We are here to help each other
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