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wordpress plugins

  1. Honeybadger

    Which version of PHP are you using?

    Certain Wordpress plug-ins only work with the latest PHP version then it is a good idea to update your PHP for security also Have you done this?
  2. WP-Script

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  3. A

    Wordpress Security

    When starting my site I know it's important to make sure my site is secure. What plugins do you all recommend to use? I currently use Login Lockdown, but that's it. Is there anything else I should do on my computer or site other than plugins? So far I have antivirus software and https for the...
  4. Vidmantas V

    Wordpress help needed

    Hi guys, (edited) Okay, maybe someone know what program I can use to create a table like this, because most plugins lets you upload a table, so maybe it will work... Because right now I'm using pricing table plugin and it looks awfull.... Maybe someone can tell me if there is plugin to make a...
  5. KoYo

    Problem with Visual Editors Plugins on Wordpress

    Hello everyone i have a bad problem that is driving me crazy for 3 days now :( i setup a wordpress on a host and i installed several visual editors plugin (Instabuilder2, Visual Composer, Thrive Content Builder) and all of them have the same problem that's is when i try to create a landing page...
  6. T J Tutor

    Are You Using These WP Social Plugins?

    I recently read in Website Magazine that these are the top social plugins they recommend at the moment. Are you guys using any of these? Can you tell us your opinion on any of the ones you've used? Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram BuddyPress Contest Friend Facebook Comments Kudobuzz...