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  1. Honeybadger

    FREE Wordpress Blogging Course

    Just received this by email from Wordpress Sign up here
  2. Honeybadger

    What's the best Wordpress separator?

    Wordpress gives these title separator symbol options - – — : · • * ⋆ | ~ « » < > for separating the page title the site title But which one is the best? Is there one that converts better than the rest? Are there any supporting studies?
  3. Honeybadger

    Baidu Webmaster Tools

    Trying to use Baidu Webmaster Tools Any Chinese Mandarin speakers? Cannot find English translation option Need to integrate with Wordpress Post setup screenshots if you can
  4. Nicklanez

    Creating a content locking page with Wordpress and Elementor

    I am not sure if this i the right forum to post in.. But i need some help. So I just found out about CPA marketing with content lockers. I have signed up for three networks and non of the support adult traffic. Now I would like to create a content locking page myself via Wordpress and...
  5. bibiq

    Affiliates Wanted Scrollsequence - Changing the web browsing experience to cinematic, visual adventure. Up to 621$ CPA. Average 30$ CPA. 30% Commission.

    It's 2021, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, 5G promises out-of-this-world download speeds and availability. Let's take advantage of technology and become part of the revolution in how web content is displayed and consumed. We aim to change the web experience from "reading a static...
  6. Honeybadger

    How to find broken links with Google Analytics

    Here's an easy way to find and fix broken links on your site Open Google Analytics Navigate to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages (make sure your date range is correct) Scrol down to "Primary Dimension: Page (or) Page Title" Select "Page Title" On the next line click "Advanced" In the search...
  7. Honeybadger

    Can you make money with Wordpress Plugins in 2021?

    Does anyone know if you can generate affiliate commission by recommending Wordpress plug-in installations? Here's an example of what I'm thinking --> Affiliate creates Wordpress theme (or pays a developer) Affiliate lists Wordpress theme on search User installs Wordpress theme...
  8. Honeybadger

    A Simple Way To Do SEO in 2021 (with Wordpress & Yoast)

    Identify product to promote | Find keyword query volume A. Less than 1,000/month ? <--| |--> B. More than 1,000/month? | If A, < 1,000 find new keyword If B, > 1,000 create new page/post* | You will need to find out what Google thinks the user intent is for your keyword query, which is done by...
  9. Honeybadger

    Using Wordpress? Activate Google Site Kit

    Google Site Kit is the best plug-in I've used for integrating Google Analytics with your Wordpress site, and displaying this data in your WP dashboard, it gives you fast actionable insights about how to improve your site (these changes are very new) Site Kit displays this data in WP dashboard...
  10. StatusCakeAffiliates

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Webhosting+Tech+WebTools Affiliates Any Geos - Earn 30% Lifetime Commission

    Start promoting StatusCake Partners Uptime Monitoring, Page Speed, SSL and Domain Monitoring Services and earn 30% Lifetime commission - Sign Up today!
  11. J

    Which WordPress plugin to use to import from Aliexpress?

    Hello, I am hesitating on purchasing the WooAffiliates wordpress plugin after reading from its reviews that it stopped working. Does anybody still use it for Aliexpress with no problems? If no, what do you suggest to me as a plugin that most importantly updates the products and removes those...
  12. A.A. Qureshi

    Affiliates Wanted Is anyone interested in making some huge bucks?

    Hi everyone, A couple of weeks I posted a thread on earning the highest affiliate commissions. I just wanted to share with everyone the chance to earn up to 55% commissions on affiliate sales is open. But only 15 days are left. Don't waste time just join our affiliate program and share the...
  13. RihardsLV

    SEO and WordPress Editors, Builders.

    Hello everybody, for the last couple of days I've been researching and looking into SEO. I currently use Elementor for my landing pages and the whole website just for simplicity, but I'm curious on what people use for their websites, do you use some type of editors like the aforementioned...
  14. Honeybadger

    Fastest web search in the world?

    This is the fast web search I have ever seen Try a search on this site* How are they making search results that fast? Is it a Shopify or WP plugin? * I have no connection to this site
  15. Honeybadger

    What are people looking for, right now?

    When visitors use the internal search function on a wordpress website how can you see the search queries? Sure seems like a good way to improve a website in real time
  16. IM_Newbie

    [GIVEAWAY] WordPress Theme or Plugin!

    It´s time I get something back to this community so, for the first 10 members, I will share a free WordPress element. It can be either a theme or a plugin! Tell me what you want/need and I will see if I have access to it. If I do, I will share it for FREE! All these resources are 100% clean...
  17. Gavi

    Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

    Remove anything that slows down your site. Link to other websites with relevant content. ... Write for humans first, search engines second. ... Encourage other trustworthy sites to link to you. ... Have web analytics in place at the start. ... Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for...
  18. bruce bates

    Does google favor wordpress

    So this question never once occurred to me until recently when I started making a custom blogging system for my cooperative members website but now I have to ask, does google favor wordpress over other platforms? My brain wants to say of course not, google does everything programmatically but is...
  19. T

    Elementor Free & GP Premium OR Elementor Pro & GP Free?

    Hey :) It's my first time building a WP website. What combination should I use: Elementor Free & GP Premium OR Elementor Pro & GP Free? or both have to be premium? What about using GP (free or premium) without Elementor? Would that make the site faster? I appreciate your opinions :)
  20. DigiMLabs

    Squarespace vs Wordpress - What will you choose?

    Tell me your views on it!!!