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  1. LinkGenius

    Feedback Feedback On WordPress Affiliate Link Manager Plugin LinkGenius Requested

    In this post, I would like to introduce you to a WordPress plugin for affiliates I've developed called LinkGenius. I'm seeking individuals who are interested in testing out LinkGenius and providing feedback to enhance its functionality and better meet the needs of affiliate marketeers...
  2. ValeriaFlirtCash

    Affiliates Wanted 5-min Money Makers - Smart solutions for smart webmasters

    Are you a webmaster and you use wordpress? Boost Your Sales and Free Up Time with Clever WP Plugins! Imagine that you could increase your sales up to 10% with just 5 minutes of work. If you had the opportunity to have more free time for family, friends or hobbies, wouldn't you choose a #clever...
  3. skid2964

    Do I need WooCommerce? Or AMALinks Pro? Or Both? Or Neither? Or?

    I am creating my WordPress website initially to integrate my Etsy shop. But, more importantly, I also want to sell Amazon Affiliate products (and others). Can I do all this with just WooCommerce? Etsy has plugins like Etsy360, but for other affiliate products, I find plugins like AMALinks Pro...
  4. moneydrop2021

    Transferring WordPress Content To A Different Site

    I'm currently working on a website project for a client with a deadline of two weeks. I plan to use one of my existing domains and do all the work for the client there. Once we agree on the content (including WordPress plugins), I'll transfer it to my client's domain. Will Google penalize my...
  5. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything How to improve SEO rankings

    according to wordpress........... just posted on youtube
  6. Honeybadger

    Wordpress 6.0 --> More BS?

    Wordpress 6.0 promo video heavy focus on blocks in this roll out total bs if you want my 2 cents blocks are a sideshow the back end needs fixing 1st
  7. Honeybadger

    Graybeard --> Link types: noopener (how?)

    @Graybeard Wordpress adds this to external links "noopener" says it's for security to stop page being linked to access the linking web page wtf? how is this possible? feel free to get all technical TYVM
  8. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything Don't Submit to Wordpress Vampires

    There's a group of volunteer 'developers' who got insane amount of power at Wordpress probably retired or got no actual paid jobs they just love to break things doesnt matter if they worked before you wake up one day as an affiliate & the whole WP interface has changed these people continually...
  9. Honeybadger

    Wordpress Plugins & PHP8 for Affiliates

    PHP8 is rolling out across the world some WP plugins are PHP8 compliant some WP plugins are not PHP8 compliant and they break WP websites --> easy way to check if plugin is PHP8 compliant? otherwise I gotta send loadsa emails
  10. techteacherdebashree

    Due to 3 times url changing ,when I click on it, showing This page isn’t working. It is impossible to change rank math plugin,what can I do?

    Due to 3 times url changing ,when I click on it , showing This page isn’t working. It is impossible to change rank math plugin,what can I do?
  11. Honeybadger

    Wordpress Launches New YouTube Channel

    Its out Tuesday @Graybeard is over the moon Clapping
  12. Honeybadger

    Which version of PHP are you using?

    Certain Wordpress plug-ins only work with the latest PHP version then it is a good idea to update your PHP for security also Have you done this?
  13. Honeybadger

    Openverse --> 500 million free images

    This is why I subscribe to the official YouTube channels of the software companies I use like and watch their long boring keynote speeches to share amazing resources like this with all you cool people Here's 500 million free images -->
  14. Honeybadger

    Should I update PHP for Wordpress?

    "This plugin doesn’t work with your version of PHP" Learn more about updating PHP I understand the benefits of updating PHP to the latest version but what can go wrong? in your experience
  15. Honeybadger

    FREE Wordpress Blogging Course

    Just received this by email from Wordpress Sign up here
  16. Honeybadger

    What's the best Wordpress separator?

    Wordpress gives these title separator symbol options - – — : · • * ⋆ | ~ « » < > for separating the page title the site title But which one is the best? Is there one that converts better than the rest? Are there any supporting studies?
  17. Honeybadger

    Baidu Webmaster Tools

    Trying to use Baidu Webmaster Tools Any Chinese Mandarin speakers? Cannot find English translation option Need to integrate with Wordpress Post setup screenshots if you can
  18. N

    Creating a content locking page with Wordpress and Elementor

    I am not sure if this i the right forum to post in.. But i need some help. So I just found out about CPA marketing with content lockers. I have signed up for three networks and non of the support adult traffic. Now I would like to create a content locking page myself via Wordpress and...
  19. bibiq

    Affiliates Wanted Scrollsequence - Changing the web browsing experience to cinematic, visual adventure. Up to 621$ CPA. Average 30$ CPA. 30% Commission.

    It's 2021, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, 5G promises out-of-this-world download speeds and availability. Let's take advantage of technology and become part of the revolution in how web content is displayed and consumed. We aim to change the web experience from "reading a static...
  20. Honeybadger

    How to find broken links with Google Analytics

    Here's an easy way to find and fix broken links on your site Open Google Analytics Navigate to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages (make sure your date range is correct) Scrol down to "Primary Dimension: Page (or) Page Title" Select "Page Title" On the next line click "Advanced" In the search...