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Transferring WordPress Content To A Different Site


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I'm currently working on a website project for a client with a deadline of two weeks. I plan to use one of my existing domains and do all the work for the client there. Once we agree on the content (including WordPress plugins), I'll transfer it to my client's domain. Will Google penalize my client's website if the content is the same as my existing website? Once the agreed-upon content is transferred to my client's site, I'll delete it from my site.
Use a noindex subdomain is what I use when I don't want work in progress indexed.

I sometimes restrict the http server of that subdomain to only my IP and anyone else I want to give access to.
That is a much more secure way. Obeying noindex is only voluntary.

I have some suggestion for you that might helps you

To transfer WordPress content to a new site, use the built-in export/import feature in WordPress or plugins like All-in-One WP Migration or Duplicator. Export your content from the old site, import it into the new one, following the prompts or plugin instructions. Always backup your data before transferring.

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