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Where do you publish among these countries?

  • Finland

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  • Denmark

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  • Iceland

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  • Sweden

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New Member
Hey All!

Dear PRO Publishers, please give me some insight.

What kind of offers are popular in Nordic countries? (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland)
What is really demanded?
Which affiliate network you use?
Is it worth starting publishing in such countries, some articles say that there is low competition but still lots of money...

What do you think? How do you work there??

P.S. Please feel free to PM me anytime)

We are working on Nordic countries.
We have credit card submit and CPC offers (surveys).
To be honest with you, i don't really know if those kind of offers are popular but i know they are working well.

You can check on our affiliate network, maybe you could be happy to run some Nordic offers with us :)

Indeed, there is a very low competition, and good pubs on theses countries are not common.
Then it will depends which channel you will use to promote your offers, it's the same for all countries, there is good quality and bad quality ; and for the email marketing, nordics countries get there restriction when you want to use this channel. You need to check with different internet provider to know their restrictions.

I hope i could help you a little bit.

And don't hesitate to join Adideo :)

Try to take the advantage of the social media trending topic in Nordic countries, you would get some insight.
Thank you for your replies, will definitely check out what you suggested))

But still, I would like to have some insight from publishers))