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  1. danishchris

    How to find Google Shopping affiliates

    Hi! I have a few clients in Denmark and Sweden, and I would like to try more google shopping affiliates, but I dont know how to find them. If you are a Google Shopping affiliate with activities in Denmark or Sweden - can you please write me? ☺️ Would love to get started with you! /Chris
  2. Susan

    Looking For Nutra mainstream traffic for Sweden!

    Hi All! Looking for Nutra mainstream traffic for Sweden! No doubt we can do a nice deal! PM on Skype: Speak to you soon! ;);):affiliatefix:
  3. Bloody Tourist

    Need a native guy or girl from Sweden

    Hey, I have a couple of headlines I need translated in Swedish. I have a Swedish dude in my Skype list, but he's on vacation! :) Who can help me out?
  4. Petr

    Pro Publishers! I need your Advice.

    Hey All! Dear PRO Publishers, please give me some insight. What kind of offers are popular in Nordic countries? (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland) What is really demanded? Which affiliate network you use? Is it worth starting publishing in such countries, some articles say that there is low...