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How to find Google Shopping affiliates


New Member

I have a few clients in Denmark and Sweden, and I would like to try more google shopping affiliates, but I dont know how to find them.

If you are a Google Shopping affiliate with activities in Denmark or Sweden - can you please write me? ☺️

Would love to get started with you!


Welcome to AffiliateFix!

If you are here to recruit affiliates, you will need to first register your business in our Resources area.

I didn't know that Google Shopping had an affiliate program. I would be interested in knowing more, there doesn't seem to be a portal on Google for this.

They do have a new posture on affiliates though, "Google Gets Behind Multi-Retailer Affiliate Marketing". Article provided by GeniusLink.
Hi, welcome to the community, hope you will find a lot of useful insights here.

If you want to find affiliates for those specific GEOs, you could look into a resource center, maybe someone listed their network from there. Or you can search manually for networks in that area on Google and find their contact info so that you can get in touch.