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  1. T

    Seeking Help Affiliate Advertiser help

    Hello everyone! I'm diving into the world of Affiliate marketing, and I've got the basics down (coming from the digital marketing, PPC, and programmatic buying side), but some details still confuses me, like setting up offers and dealing with payments. As an advertiser, I'm about promoting and...
  2. J

    Seeking Help Monetize the Backend

    Hello Dear Affiliate Friends, I'm Jason and I come from broker affiliate and just getting started with adult cpa offers. First I want to thank you guys for the help to this point. I have now set up my traffic sources, tracking, created my creatives and choose an offer at Crakreveue i want to...
  3. F

    Need expert advice on promoting Adult CPA CPL offers

    Hey There,I have been doing Cpa Affiliate marketting for 2 months but I have been facing problem to find a better Ad Network that will have better conversion,ROI. I have used plugrush but the conversion was only 1 for 1000 click. I need expert advice on promoting Adult Dating offers and game...
  4. harsha vardhan

    Please help me out getting into good affiliate networks

    Hi Friends, Hope everyone staying safe... i have recently started the affiliate marketing. Till now i have signed up more then 10 + networks. Out of which 6 i got into where Clickbank, CJ, Jvzoo doesn't need approval so i am into those networks. Apart from that i am also part of other three...
  5. CodeSAH


    Hi everyone. My name is Charmaine, I am from South Africa and I am so totally new to forums! Any advice and how to's would really be welcome! Hope you all have a wonderful day!
  6. Nomad Hustle

    Startup Guy; AM Newbie >> Looking for mentors

    Hey everyone, My name is Rich a.k.a Nomad Hustle. I'm an entrepreneur from London, UK. I previously set up and launched a B2B company in education from my bedroom in the UK with clients in China - this grew to a team of 7 in a cute office in central London. Disclaimer: Owning a company sounds...
  7. L

    Where can I look to purchase leads- help!

    Hi all, I am new here so not sure if I have come to the correct place.. but I am looking to purchase leads on a performance basis for my client. I am looking for someone who can help me find homeowners in London, UK? Any advice would be appreciated.... where can I look? I have not had any...
  8. Petr

    Pro Publishers! I need your Advice.

    Hey All! Dear PRO Publishers, please give me some insight. What kind of offers are popular in Nordic countries? (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland) What is really demanded? Which affiliate network you use? Is it worth starting publishing in such countries, some articles say that there is low...
  9. Karim1

    Newbie seeking advice

    Hi everyone , I make this post only to introduce myself . I am a newbie and very motivated for web marketing. I had a few courses online and I think that I have the basic knowledge to hit my first adventure. My starting budget is 400 dollars. Do you have special pieces of advice to share (...