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  1. Zeydoo

    Guide Before launching traffic: tips from Zeydoo

    , The affiliate marketing niche is getting bigger every year, but the questions all remain the same. This is why we at Zeydoo decided to create a comprehensive guide where we’ll discuss the most basic and not so obvious tips on how to launch ad campaigns with any offer and GEO. Tips on working...
  2. J

    Seeking Help Monetize the Backend

    Hello Dear Affiliate Friends, I'm Jason and I come from broker affiliate and just getting started with adult cpa offers. First I want to thank you guys for the help to this point. I have now set up my traffic sources, tracking, created my creatives and choose an offer at Crakreveue i want to...
  3. pinotnoir

    Recommendations for starting out as an (CPA) affiliate marketing advertiser (software product)

    Hi, I am posting because I am a developer that is looking to move into the affiliate marketing space. That being said, I am currently considering my best next move and planning the optimal strategy. I am thinking of creating a a Click2SMS offer or a digital CPA product. What kind of product, or...
  4. harsha vardhan

    Please help me out getting into good affiliate networks

    Hi Friends, Hope everyone staying safe... i have recently started the affiliate marketing. Till now i have signed up more then 10 + networks. Out of which 6 i got into where Clickbank, CJ, Jvzoo doesn't need approval so i am into those networks. Apart from that i am also part of other three...
  5. luckyboy

    Need Advice About Smartlink

    Hi guys.Ihave a question about Pop ads and smartlink campaign.I am testing various traffic sources with default smartlink,but no prelander and the conversions are very low.Are u guys using a prelander for smartlink camapign for better conversion?Is it going to increase the conversions?I thought...
  6. webDOMinator

    What is best offer for my demographics?

    I have spanish traffic, it's building up a bit exponentially at this point, but my demographics are as follows from google. So according to these demographics, what do you think is the best type of offer I can put as far as banners go? The source of this traffic is a movie...
  7. logicalnerds

    I Need Your Help

    I am planning to create an online course on "Passive Income". It will be based on earning from online by creating niche websites. So, my questions: Tell me what is stopping you from being Financially Independent? Do you have any idea how much you can earn online? Do you have any idea...
  8. A

    Need Advice With First Steps Into Affiliate Marketing!

    I'm interested in getting involved with affiliate marketing, especially incentive traffic. I have done a lot of research on CPA+incentive friendly networks and have come up with a top 3. ClickDealer, CPAGrip and MaxBounty. I have gone through all of the reviews and found these to be perhaps...
  9. Toni-Ann Brown

    New Affiliate On The Rise To Greatness!

    Hello viewers! My name is Toni-Ann Brown and I am a 22 year old female from the Caribbean. I must admit that I LOVE affiliate marketing for a very long time and I have learnt so much from many experienced affiliates and is always looking for more ways to expand my knowledge and to take my...
  10. C

    Keep Motivated

    How do you guys keep motivated? My business is up and running and it seems like now that the excitement is gone - I feel less motivated. I really need advice on what my partners and I can do to get that momentum up again!! THNX
  11. funtowerk

    kinda old tymer.. new to the af but not a newbie to marketing..

    hi im jay (non friends call me jamal) and im here to network and help folk as i can.. retired from tech consulting ive worked with a company for 5 years and love sharing what we do to help others earn real money without costing them a dime.. the freedom of having your own business is not to...
  12. S

    1 BAD and 3 GOOD advices for newbies

    People absolutely love to give shitty advices. Here is the phrase you’ve heard a million times: "Follow your instincts." Familiar, huh? If you’re a rabbit running away from a predator through the forest, the advice is excellent. Instincts will allow you to survive. The goal is achieved. But...
  13. L

    Where can I look to purchase leads- help!

    Hi all, I am new here so not sure if I have come to the correct place.. but I am looking to purchase leads on a performance basis for my client. I am looking for someone who can help me find homeowners in London, UK? Any advice would be appreciated.... where can I look? I have not had any...
  14. Petr

    Pro Publishers! I need your Advice.

    Hey All! Dear PRO Publishers, please give me some insight. What kind of offers are popular in Nordic countries? (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland) What is really demanded? Which affiliate network you use? Is it worth starting publishing in such countries, some articles say that there is low...
  15. P

    Advice and tips on new website?

    Hi I made a new website/blog . It's my first affiliate project. Please take a look at my site and let me know what you think of it. Do you have any advice, comment or tips for me? If you have experience with great working affiliate ads, networks, .. feel free to share. NEW WEBSITE...
  16. A

    I'm in need of tracking advice i'm new!

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm not sure of my way around the site yet. What i need to know is this, If someone buys a product through my affiliate link, will i be able to pinpoint exactly bought the product, or is it more vague than that? If i can pinpoint who it was that bought the...