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please .. what is the best spy tool for facebook compaigns ??

Discussion in 'Research and Intelligence' started by John Mouss, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. John Mouss

    John Mouss Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys ...

    could you please help me with your experience to find the powerful spying tools for facebook compaigns ..
    I want to promote some CPA mobile offers by using facebooks ads ..
    I found some spying tools like socialadninja..Adsviser .. AdFox ...Adplexity..
    I liked Adplexity but it hasn't facebook in source traffic list ..what about adsviser ??
    can you tell me dears affiliates witch one is the best for me to get started with ..??
    and what's the differencs between FB Ad Spy Tool and Mobile Spying Tool ??
    thank you so much if any one has informations about this questions..
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  2. AdCombo
  3. Hannah_Baily

    Hannah_Baily Affiliate affiliate

    If you need Facebook ad spy tool you can go for onlineadspy.com
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  4. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    I have used Adfox earlier but not quite sure, if they are updating their database regularly.

    Adplexity is best for Mobile Ads spy and Native ads spy. They are not providing facebook ads intelligence data. Haven't used adsviser so can't really comment on them. Better to check on google.

    Not into facebook marketing that much but there are few spy tools for that. Please read this guide on how to spy on facebook ads. Its very detailed and helpful : https://adespresso.com/academy/blog/spy-facebook-ads/

    With FB spy tool you can explore and get ad details of campaigns running on facebook or instagram(As its owned by FB). Whereas, with mobile ad spy tool, you get ad details of campaign focused on mobile campaigns and running across several mobile traffic source. Generally mobile spy tools don't have any data of mobile ad campaigns running on facebook, so FB is not included in traffic source list.
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  5. Mr. OneTwo

    Mr. OneTwo Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, can you please share more info?
  6. publyfe

    publyfe Guest

    Adicted.io is a spy tool specific to just FB campaigns and ads. Also check out AdEspresso.com
  7. publyfe

    publyfe Guest

    Also if you are looking for an awesome FREE tool to test out your FB ad ideas in real-time check out AdParlor.com
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  8. Soffi

    Soffi Affiliate affiliate

    Here are some similar services:
    WhichAdsWork - Has interesting thing - "Interest targetted" Also various filters, charts per day, age, demographics. But it's not cheap.
    SocialAdsCout - similar to the previous in some functionality, but a little cheaper - 147 per month.
    AdMobiSpy - has cheap rates. No charts. There are filters by country, gender / age, source (Audience Network, Mobile ads, Desktop ads), etc .. It is convenient that they have filter by language ads.
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  9. OliveDrab

    OliveDrab Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, This could be basic but you may want to try. To get info on what's worked for them, go to your competitors' pages and click on their "likes" tab. Otherwise, you can check about a free version tool like an InfiniGraph Tool.
  10. Jason G.

    Jason G. Affiliate affiliate

    Agree with @Soffi, I used Adfox/Adsviser/Socialadninjia/adicted/Whichadswork and they all somehow not satisfied me.

    adespresso only have about 25,000 ads
    adfox.io and adsviser like around 300,000 ads and they update very few now
    socialadninjia have 3 million ads, most are right column and out of date(like 5 years ago)
    bigbigads.com has more than 3 million fresh ads and offer free service; this is my favorite now.
    Whichadswork used to my no.1 until I know bigbigads.com. Their data is only about half of bigbigads.com.

    I'd recommend you to try Bigbigads.com in 2017
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  11. Josie8still

    Josie8still Affiliate affiliate

    AdSeeData is a spy tool I know recently, they have a comprehensive Facebook Ads Data, including desktop/mobile ads data with a daily update, I highly recommend it.
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  12. azizddf

    azizddf Affiliate affiliate

    Designing good facebook ads can be a pain.

    When it comes to competition in social media, the first and foremost thing that a business wants to do is to spy on their competitor's promotion strategy on Facebook. In recent years, the trend of social media marketing has gained much traction.

    By making use of the platform of social media sites, the businesses are ensuring that their promotion of the products reaches the target audience in no time.

    Hence, one would always be curious to know how well their competitor is using Facebook advertisements to make the product accessible.

    Therefore, it has become imperative for many brands and businesses to lay stress on certain tools that would help them to spy on the advertisements run by their competitors.

    As per industry experts, social media sites like Facebook have facilitated the ease of branding in many companies. The same goes for Facebook advertisements.

    It is a widely accepted fact that by posting ads on Facebook, a brand can reach the desired number of target audiences which is not possible in other modes of advertisements.

    On the flipside, as a large number of populations have their accounts on Facebook, posting an ad on Facebook helps the cause of promotion.

    And today I have something that will make you feel like you Master your competitors ads strategy :

    Best Facebook ads spy tools for higher performance



    one of the best spy tool for mobile native ad that will keep Track of Your Competitor's Most Profitable Ad Campaigns

    This platform supports a number of mobile networks like StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt ad networks, Adcash, PopAds, Popcash, PropellerAds, ZeroPark popup services, as well as many mobile web ad exchange.

    Access to thousands of ads collected every day with the Ability to download landing pages with one click and model after them ( do not copy past but rather use your creativity ).

    Search by Keyword. Advertiser URL. Publisher. Affiliate Network. Country. Device. Traffic Source. Tracking software .



    AdEspresso is a free Facebook ads spy tool and has a vast library of Ads related to Facebook. Quite interestingly, it has a great collection of advertisements from businesses that operate on the global platform. One can view these posters in this tool that comprises of all companies including the competitors.

    It is available for free, and hence it can be an excellent choice for brands that are looking forward to spying on the advertisements of its competitors. Moreover, AdEspresso has an extensive array of resources for marketers who belong to all skill levels.

    On the other hand, using this useful tool one can also create sample campaigns for marketing. Hence, it is a great tool that serves the dual purpose of creating and spying on advertisements by the competitors.


    It is one of those helpful tools that may come handy if you are the lookout for a spying tool on the advertisements of your competitor on Facebook.

    It boasts a collection of 225,964 Facebook ads that can help a marketer to spy on the ad of the competitor.

    It costs about 67 dollars per month. Hence, it is quite affordable as it offers so much practicality. On the other hand, if you want to design a marketing campaign or plan for your product, you can take help of this fantastic tool to create one.



    It is one of those tools that the developers claim is still in the beta version. However, as per many users, it can also find Facebook advertisements, and competitors Facebook ads.

    It is recommended that one should keep an eye open for this tool as it can reap rich dividends for them shortly by spying effectively on the ads by their competitors.

    On the other hand, as this tool is still in the beta stage, the cost of procuring it is quite cheap. One can also use an array of analytics in this tool to make sure that it is spying on their competitor's advertisement in a detailed manner.


    One of the primary features that every marketer wants to see in a Facebook Ad Spy tool is the collection of other advertisements in its database. The Adfox tool has a robust database of over 300,000 ads that can be used by a marketer to spy on the Facebook ads of the competitors holistically.

    These advertisements are growing and enabling so that the brand can find the funnels and best Facebook ads in a matter of few seconds. The cost of affording it is quite minimal looking at its practicality.

    The name itself suggests that it can spy on the competitor's advertisement. It not only gets detailed insights into the strategies of the ads posted by the competitors, but it also focuses on the strategies and ways to reduce unproductive efforts and gain popularity over competitor Facebook analytics.

    Hence, this is a great tool that can phenomenally help the marketer to comprehend the targeting strategies of the competitor.

    Related Topic : 9 Reliable Marketing Tools for startups



    It is one of those tools that enable one to tap into the campaigns and ads of the competitors.

    Also, one can use it to reveal the top performing ads of the competitors. Moreover, there are various free packages available to spy on the Facebook ads of your competitors.

    If you want to enjoy other detailed features, then you have to upgrade to their premium version.



    Quite interestingly here is a tool that stands out from others by its uniqueness. It is uncommon as it does not directly let one view the advertisements from their competitors.

    However, it lets one modify the execution of their Facebook Advertisements that are based on the spending behavior of the customer.

    Several price models are available for this tool, and hence a business can opt for their desired form of a model which they think would be apt for them.


    A great Facebook ads spy tool to help you find out the competitor marketing strategy and ad creatives.

    For your ads to be shown to the right audience you need fresh and accurate information. This tools can help with 1 million+ monthly updates ads and other great features


    All the information you need to find winning ads . This tool has some the great features like:

    searching by keyword, url,publisher, ecommerce platform , affiliate network and more, seeing the images and the angles that they use, and looking at competitor's landing pages .

    WhichAdsWork is the only tool that filters by Affiliate Network and Tracking System.


    Having an indepth track on your competition's strategies will allow you to effectively plan and buy advertising more efficiently .

    This tools will help you extracting details on creative messages used in winning campaigns, discover what calls to action is working for your competition to vastly improve CTR and discover ways to start and scale new campaigns today.
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  13. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    From the AffiliateFix Discounts page:
    WhichAdsWork is the number one Facebook spy tool online.
    WhichAdsWork - Exclusive Lifetime Discount

    Adfox.io is also a spy tool, one specifically for FB. They currently search ads for six different countries, I believe.

    Not suggesting one over the other but I wanted to make sure that you know there is a discount available (from AffiliateFix) and also let you know about another one.
  14. Sanshez

    Sanshez Affiliate affiliate

  15. David Mali

    David Mali Affiliate affiliate

  16. Oviri Onobrakpeya

    Oviri Onobrakpeya Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, please could you drop the link to the site, thanks
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  17. Joyce Tan

    Joyce Tan Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I just know that still in development, it will coming soon I guess. If it go public, I will drop the link or send messenge for you.
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  18. Oviri Onobrakpeya

    Oviri Onobrakpeya Affiliate affiliate

    Alright, thanks. I'd appreciate that. ;)
  19. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Let me help :)

    I don't think it's in BETA anymore, they've removed that message from their listing but these guys are awesome, they worked really, really hard on working out any bugs and listening to users.

    Anyway, you can read some details and click through to their site:

  20. Adtrex

    Adtrex Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

  21. AdSpyMarketing

    AdSpyMarketing Affiliate affiliate

    You may want to try AdSpy as a FB spy tool as its searchable database has now grown to more than 58 million FB & IG ads across 187 countries and counting.