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competition analysis

  1. John Mouss

    please .. what is the best spy tool for facebook compaigns ??

    Hi guys ... could you please help me with your experience to find the powerful spying tools for facebook compaigns .. I want to promote some CPA mobile offers by using facebooks ads .. I found some spying tools like socialadninja..Adsviser .. AdFox ...Adplexity.. I liked Adplexity but it...
  2. Ankit Aggarwal

    Best Spy Tool

    I have just started looking for media buying campaigns and landers. Came across various spy tools to check competitors landers but got confused with which one is worth to try and how I can ripp the landing page. Can anyone suggest me some tools and ways??
  3. Gaurab Das

    Ways to find out Competitor's presell page which are converting

    Hi Attila, Are there any ways to find out Competitors' presell page/websites(or landers) which are converting ( and not the ones which are sending volume traffic to offer). i have seen my pages in similarweb and Buzzsumo which were sending volume traffic to offer but those were not converting...