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Ways to find out Competitor's presell page which are converting

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Gaurab Das, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Gaurab Das

    Gaurab Das Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Attila,

    Are there any ways to find out Competitors' presell page/websites(or landers) which are converting ( and not the ones which are sending volume traffic to offer).

    i have seen my pages in similarweb and Buzzsumo which were sending volume traffic to offer but those were not converting.

    If I can see the presell pages which are converting ,then I can model my angles and get my creative juice flowing by looking at the converting presell pages. How to make out whether the competitors' presell page is converting?

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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. trackingdesk

    trackingdesk Affiliate affiliate

    Hi @Gaurab Das - Not sure you will know if the pages are converting or not, but you can probably get a good idea of what you are looking for by using services like :

    Good luck
  4. Gaurab Das

    Gaurab Das Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for your reply,

    I have checked these spy software. These are even showing my landing pages which are not converting but have volume traffic since sometime.

    These spy tools just scrape ads and landers and showcase the database. I m not sure but thats what I hunch.
    But if thats the case , we would be modelling our campaigns based on other campaigns which are not successful.

    Apparently , my intent is to mitigate the hit and trial approach .

  5. trackingdesk

    trackingdesk Affiliate affiliate

    @Gaurab Das - You are 100% right and I'm pretty sure that what you are looking for isn't available. If you think about it, it would mean that a third party tool would know the conversion rates of landing pages/campaigns. Unless the affiliate/media buyer/ affiliate program shares this information (which is meant to be encrypted somewhere in a DB associated with such and such affiliate program or software) with a third party tool, there is no way (unless you're a good hacker) to get this info.
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  6. PropellerAds

    PropellerAds Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    I would add SpyFu and SemRush to the list :)

    Yes, but if you see that a campaign with the same landing page (target URL) lasts for a weeks, you can assume that landing page converts well.
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