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  1. E

    Spy tools are crucial

    Hey everyone, I have started studying CPA marketing 2 weeks ago, but I have noticed that Spy tools are involved in every aspect of this field, because they help you spy on what other people are doing and get inspired from their work, and you can even see what's working right now. The roadblock...
  2. S

    Best Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools

    Adplexity Adplexity is one of the biggest and most advanced spy tools on the market. It’s also split into different options for push, mobile, native, desktop, adult, e-commerce and carriers. Anstrex Anstrex offers three different options for native, push and dropshipping. It’s a great and...
  3. Niki Gray

    Case Study *Case Study* 19K Profit In Less Than 30 days - One Hour Of Work Using Visto

    19K Profit In Less Than 30 days - One Hour Of Work Using Visto What if I told you there is an easier way to make profit from Facebook? What if I told you, you don’t have to compete and run the same old offers everyone is pushing, but simply use one filter? Wait no more because that’s exactly...
  4. L

    WEBINAR lemonads X AdPlexity - Copy or Create? What is the best use for an Ad Spy Tool?

    Hi guys, Competition is such today that the use of an ad spy has become essential. Nevertheless, even if you copy the most successful campaign, you probably won't achieve great results. A Spy Tool is much more powerful when you don't opt for mass copying and use all your creativity. If you...
  5. Idvert_Elaine

    Ask Me Anything How to Spy On Your Competitors & Setup a Profitable Ad Campaign Without Wasting Time & Money

    I bet you guys are tired of burning through your pocket, spending hard-earned money on FB Ads that end up not working, in this article, I'm gonna show you how set up a profitable ad compaign, which will enable you to effectively run Facebook Ads without losing your money – spy into your...
  6. Alex_Om

    Up to 50% Off Each AdPlexity Product on Black Friday

    ADPLEXITY BLACK FRIDAY OFFER IS LIVE NOW! If you’re invested in affiliate marketing and eCommerce, we have the perfect Black Friday deal for you. And it’s live RIGHT NOW! AdPlexity gives you the advantages you need to stay a step ahead of the latest trends. Our products are the best...
  7. X

    what's the best spy tool for newbie?

    as a newbie here, I am curious about how other campaigns work? but without accurate information, it's hard to figure it out...... so anyone can help me , thank you!
  8. - push-notifications ads spy tool

    Hello Guys! My name is Nikita, I'm from Russia. I am a professional media buyer. I work as a team with other media buyers. We buy a lot of traffic - banners, popunder, redirects. Since 2017, we have launched an advertising network for push notifications, and this year, we launch -...
  9. Idvert_Elaine

    Visit Booth A30 in AWA,2018 to win FREE FB Accounts and Spy Tools

    Hi Guys, are you upset for lacking of enough FB accounts or no idea of FB ad creatives? IDVERT, as FB ACCOUNT and SPY TOOL One –Station SaaS provider, will give you a hand!!! Our FB accounts are: Real accounts from real people, not farmed. Payment Solutions included, with the acc owner's...
  10. Idvert_Elaine

    Ask Me Anything FB spy tool – The Ultimate Solution for FB (Discounts Included!)

    ●Need new angles and creatives? ●Look for profitable black hat campaigns and related networks? ●Want to keep an eye on your competitors and learn from their marketing strategy? ●Have no idea for selecting niche and market? If you’ve ever met above problems, Idvert could definitely do you a...
  11. baldwin jackson

    Suggest me any free Keyword Spy Tool For Competitor Analysis

    Hello I am looking for free tools for analysis my competitor in market. Or what methods do you use to see their marketing strategy.
  12. Anna2017

    Little present for you Guys

    As promised :affiliatefix: Discounts on most popluar services. From 10% to 50 % off. Extended TRIALS! Spend less and earn more :p Ads Spy Tools, Trackers, LP generator and more: Voluum, Adplexity, Whatsrunwhere, SocialAdScout, Admobispy
  13. JohnWRW

    WhatRunsWhere - Affiliate Ads Filtering for Native Ads

    Hi everyone! WhatRunsWhere has begun rolling out their series of features to support the affiliate marketers and networks to continue to identify top performing campaigns and strategies across display and native. Over the weekend, we launched Show Only Affiliate Ads filters across Top Ads...
  14. Guilly

    How do you use Adplexity?

    Hello All I have started to use adplexity and although I'm really enjoying, I think it is quite overwhelming. When searching for offers, I always filter the results to "running longest" or "receiving more traffic", but what would be the best numbers ( Hits, Countries, Period, Publishers) that...
  15. bleach

    Demographics newsfeed post on facebook with spy tool

    So I've been looking for hours now still can't find anything can this even be done I just want to see the demographics of a paid boosted post I though had one but I signed up and no they don't seem to have thanks any insite will be much appreciated
  16. statsers

    What SPY Tool Do you prefer!?

    In which one to invest? There are lot of options but what is your experience.. What you think is best for mobile and best for desktop etc.. and for both?
  17. John Mouss

    please .. what is the best spy tool for facebook compaigns ??

    Hi guys ... could you please help me with your experience to find the powerful spying tools for facebook compaigns .. I want to promote some CPA mobile offers by using facebooks ads .. I found some spying tools like socialadninja..Adsviser .. AdFox ...Adplexity.. I liked Adplexity but it...
  18. TrafficYoda

    What am I doing wrong? What's the next step

    Guys I have been doing the following plan (mentioned below) for 4 countries but couldn't get something to convert! tell me what I am doing wrong here. Reminder: I need a working method for tight budget campaigns. Yes there is a difference, large budget campaigns you can test every single offer...
  19. Ankit Aggarwal

    Best Spy Tool

    I have just started looking for media buying campaigns and landers. Came across various spy tools to check competitors landers but got confused with which one is worth to try and how I can ripp the landing page. Can anyone suggest me some tools and ways??
  20. medvih

    Difference between Adplexity and MobileAdScout and WRW Mobile

    Hello guys, I am currentely getting started in mobile offers and would like to know the difference between Adplexity, MobileAdScout and WhatRunsWhere Mobile. Specifically, I would like which one, at the current state, provides the most accurate and comprehensive information. I don't care much...