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New research about mobile commerce apps

Discussion in 'Research and Intelligence' started by pac0s1, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. pac0s1

    pac0s1 Affiliate affiliate

    The Past and the Future of Shopping apps free-to-read report provides a review of the general trends in online shopping via mobile devices, zeroing in on the Shopping apps category worldwide.

    Report Highlights:
    The growth of mCommerce is one of the major trends in 2016-2017
    There are twice as many Shopping apps in Google Play as in App Store, however App Store shows greater growth rate of Shopping apps compared to Google Play (+1320 VS +890%).

    Local Shopping apps face tough competition
    The majority (87 percent) of all Shopping apps in Google Play get launched worldwide, and the App Store data seem to show a similar trend.

    The secondhand app market is on the rise in Europe
    Together with the location-based solution development, the boot-sale trend is expected to grow even larger in scope among mobile shoppers.

    Average cost per install for Android and iOS dropped in 2016
    The average spending per install on both platforms has dropped in 2016.

    More information on the state of Shopping apps in the report.
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    Good information..
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