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  1. Abraham DiGiAff

    Official In-App Traffic , OEM traffic needed

    Looking for In App , OEM traffic for our In House Google Play Hyper Casual Game mobile app . Geo : USA, Germany , France UK, UAE ,SA ,JP, KR Let me know if you have Quality of traffic.
  2. Rosario Galeano

    Seahorse mobile Director - looking direct Traffic

    Hi group! I am Rosario, Director in Seahorse Mobile Partner. We have lot of campaigns looking for more traffic so here I send you some information: - CPI : kr jp au uk us sp fr - CPA: kr jp au uk us sp fr - CPL: LATAM and Spain. - we work by api, s2s , pixel. Net 30 terms Payoneer and paypal...
  3. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Looking for CPI Mobile Traffic

    Hello Folks, Hope you are doing well. We are looking direct inventory for our direct CPI mobile offers or 1 Jump offers with high payout. Top Geo : US,UK,CA,KR,JP,ID OS: IOS/AOS if you have please let me know
  4. pac0s1

    New research about mobile commerce apps

    The Past and the Future of Shopping apps free-to-read report provides a review of the general trends in online shopping via mobile devices, zeroing in on the Shopping apps category worldwide. Report Highlights: The growth of mCommerce is one of the major trends in 2016-2017 There are twice as...
  5. Artjom

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for new Affiliates

    I`m looking for affiliates who work with CPA/CPI basis Ping me PM or skype Skype: artjom.adhit
  6. R

    Apps Install Offer

    Hi guys, This time I joined in ogad's affiliate network, does anyone know newbie friendly affiliate network who have android install apps offer besides ogad's ?
  7. M


    Hey everyone. Let me introduce myself personally and the network I`m working for. My name is Michael Koval and I`m Spartamobile affiliate manager. I`ve jumped in the business more than a year ago starting with CPC network. Being a native azquisition expert for more than 6 month I`ve finally came...
  8. A

    Looking for Good Affiliate Network for mobile gaming offers, CPI or leads

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a good mobile gaming network having lots of CPI and CPL offers on android and IOS? Traffic will be mainly from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc...I am gonna create videos on these games and drive traffic to LPs. It will be combination of Free and Paid mobile...
  9. Nazmul Islam

    Looking for best CPI traffics sources

    Hello, I'm looking for some great CPI traffics sources for incent and non incent both category and fraud free guaranteed source.
  10. AndiS

    CPI Incent Traffic Needed!

    Hey guys! Are there any affiliates that are interested to run INCENT CPI CAMPAIGNS with NO CAPS and FAST PAYMENT terms? Tier 1 countries with payouts varying from $0.20 to $0.90! Add me on Skype (andi_sava) for more details!
  11. aman.gupta764

    Looking for CPI CPR Android/Ios , INDIA , US Offers

    is anybody can help with CPI /CPR campaigns for INDIA & US . Can get you 5-10k installs on non incent or incent traffic . need converting campaigns . my skype- aman.gupta764
  12. Gummy

    Buying Traffic Good Adnetwork

    Hi everyone, We are MeshBean, our company currently have over 200 mobile CPI offers looking for traffic, can anyone suggest some good networks for getting online traffic? Thanks
  13. Mobrand

    Mobrand - CPI Monetization

    Hello, I represent Mobrand, a CPI monetization platform. We put app developers in control. We are connected to several CPI networks and our cutting edge technology drives demand competition, improves fill rates, and increases revenues for developers. We're here to read great content and...
  14. G

    Hi All!

    I was very happy to participate in this forum I am a specialist Network runs programs of Mobile Apps and Games I will be happy to assist people :) My Skype: support.gtrackmedia Thank you very much!
  15. Diana Kulish

    Hey from AppAve

    I'm an Account Manager at AppAve. We are mobile apps marketing platform with global iOS and Android inventory working on CPI basis.
  16. Jungletap

    Affiliates Wanted Holidays CPI offers :)

    Hi guys! I just wonder who working on winter holidays? We will be working till the 31st of December. Ping us if you want to take new offers ;)
  17. Jungletap

    Jungletap is here :)

    Hello, guys! We are Jungletap CPI mobile network. We are looking for new opportunities to develop our business. We are looking for new partners. Please, contact us and let's make a business together! :)
  18. Mobionetwork

    Hello from Russia

    Hi everyone! I'm Elena from Moscow, Russia. I've been doing affiliate marketing for 5 years in Russia and now I'm keen on to go globally. Any advice is welcome! ;)
  19. L

    Buying Traffic buying CPI WW mobile traffic

    Nice to meet, I'm Laura, from China Moboage, we have top offers directly from Chinese advertisers, now looking for global mobile(Android/IOS) traffic, we work on CPI basis/CPA, supporting s2s statics. Hope we can make some coperation in the coming days. You can add my skype: laura.luo69 Or...