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Clickky is a programmatic platform for mobile advertisers and publishers

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    • Net-30
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    • Wire
    • Paypal
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    [email protected]
    Clickky is a full-stack platform for mobile advertisers and publishers.

    The company has been operating on the mobile market since 2013 and now has offices in 5 countries — US, China, India, Russia & Ukraine.

    Clickky offers performance, video and programmatic solutions, while currently keeping focus on the growth of its own SSP and RTB marketplace.

    In 2016 the company launched its self-serve platform for advertisers that allows to launch and optimize mobile ad campaigns fast. The platform offers a range of solutions that provide the optimization due to sources blacklisting, retention rate tool and CPI prediction which allows not to overspend.

    Clickky has also developed a monetization platform for website owners and app developers offering unique monetization formats (in-text ads, gift ads, customizable native ads, recommended apps, etc.) which do not interfere with other solutions you use. Every new publisher gets $50 bonus on signup.