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Lafftar's Facebook Ad Journey

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by lafftar, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. lafftar

    lafftar Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys, as per TJ Tutor's advice in this thread, i've decided to make an FB ad journey. I'm getting paid $480 through paypal today, i'll be using about $200 from this money to fund this campaign.

    Offer Vertical: Job Site Lead Gen

    Traffic Source: Facebook

    Payout: $1.00 - $1.40

    So i've started my ads, I have set bid at $0.2 even though the suggested bid is $1.75 (wtf? why is the suggested bid so high?). I really want to make it $0.1 but i'm unsure if i'll be able to get any traffic at all with that. My budget is $10 per day, I have it running for 2 days.

    I have 6 ads, i'm testing 3 different images and 2 different CTA (Learn More and Apply Now).

    I've made a mobile responsive landing page with unbounce, and i'm tracking impressions and clicks with an old version of Prosper202 on an intovps server.

    Some background info: I've been running this campaign with organic Instagram traffic to a little success, I see about 10% CTR on my landing pages and around 30% conversion rate on the offer. I'm hoping FB Ads will help me scale up traffic and profit.
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  2. terraleads
  3. Kristers Grinbergs

    Kristers Grinbergs Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

  4. cashout666

    cashout666 Affiliate affiliate

  5. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    yes Just Focus on the CTR of the banner so that the CPC will be lower.
    and the journey will be successfu ln the future ,
    good luck .
    keep posting here your daily Updates
  6. lafftar

    lafftar Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for the kind words ☺

    I will have to increase my bid now, I'm getting 0 impressions at the $0.3 bid. This is putting me in an awkward position because the payout is so low. I will raise my bid to $1.55 anyway, just throwing money into getting data right now. My budget will go to $20 as well.

    I have also started a Bing campaign, I have 9 different ad sets with different angles. Celebrity angles, known brands and then meeting needs. The bids are low so I have some faith here. I've made my starting bid $0.3 and my daily budget $20 - just waiting for manual review.

    Still waiting on that $480 payment, hopefully bizprofits doesn't flake on me!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2016
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  7. lafftar

    lafftar Affiliate affiliate

    BizProfits didn't flake! Waiting on $490 today from my aff manager up top.

    Okay, to recap, I increased the bid to $1.55. This ended up dropping over time to about $0.79 per click, and i'm sure if I spent more it would drop further, my CTR was good at about 3%. It would make a lot of sense to continue spending up to $100 to see how much further my CPC will drop, but I need to optimize my tracking. My impressions and clicks are not showing up properly. Although it seems like the CR and CTR from paid traffic is not too good, I think for now i'll increase my efforts in the organic outreach of this niche, till I hit $200 in sales daily, then i'll spend $1,000 trying to make Social PPC work.

    I'm doing a small test in another niche, i've never worked in it but I think it might work well with FB traffic, i'll report back with more info on that tomorrow.

    The BingAds campaign is very slow...just 8 clicks, although they're quite cheap...I don't think the quality is very good as not a single one converted. I'll have to do more to qualify my traffic. Might also have to raise the bid here for more traffic, right now it's $0.28 and CTR is 0.6% (not sure if this is good).

    As for my organic traffic, my lead to sale conversion rate has been great! At about 2%, i've made about $173 for myself and at least $127 for the advertiser in the last 2 days alone! I'm happy with this, hopefully it keeps steady throughout the week, and then I can devise new ways to increase it to 3%.
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  8. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator

    COOL! Keep this going!
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  9. webdan07

    webdan07 Affiliate affiliate

  10. Moses Chukwu

    Moses Chukwu Affiliate affiliate

    That's great. Keep it up
  11. lafftar

    lafftar Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, you really keep me going

    So I accidentally deleted my original fb ad account, I had to start tracking pixels again as well as start up some new campaigns. This took awhile but I'm up and running again.

    In the past 2 days I tested a ppe ad and link click ad, I set a manual bid of $0.2 for both of them. At first I got about 3 engagements from the ppe ad and absolutely nothing on the link click ad. I felt a little bit of Rambo in me so I just figured I'd let fb auto bid for me.

    I got a ton of info in about 4 hours. First, the ppe ads are somehow more expensive? I was paying $1.65 per engagement, but to be fair, most were going to the website. Second, The link click cost about $1.10 per click, what really surprised me here is I put the price right in the ad and people still clicked through! Although the price was misleading as they had to get bundles of 3,6,9 or 12 months. I changed the ad copy to say "Christmas sale! $75 for 6 months (77% OFF). Do so and so with our service. Sale ends this week." If this even gets clicks at all, I know there's room for optimization and eventually, profit!

    Another bit of info I learned is that the audience network seems to perform quite well with a ctr at about 10%, not sure if it's just bots though.

    I've spent $30 so far today, I've paused my ppe campaign and increased the budget on my link click campaign from $20 to $35, I plan on spending $100 testing, then I'll pause and optimize. I'll also have to figure out how to pass traffic source, age group, gender and all that info with Prosper202.

    I've increased efforts with my organic traffic, I should see a 50% increase in about a week or two. Sadly the trend did not continue through this week with the sales, but I'll figure it out.
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  12. Angelajack

    Angelajack Affiliate affiliate

    that's great good job
  13. Cpa6figure

    Cpa6figure Affiliate affiliate

    Wow this is amazing, Well done man! I'm subscribing here :)
  14. Hastahoffa

    Hastahoffa Affiliate affiliate

    Any update on this? Would be cool the hear the results! :)
  15. marketeer

    marketeer Affiliate affiliate

    Do you run your ads in the right column, or do you have a FB page that allows you to target ads in the feed? Because, as far as I know, you can't run ads in the feed without a FB page, am I wrong?
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  16. mnemonist

    mnemonist Affiliate affiliate

    Starting to think about FB ads myself. I've done some things on Bing, but nothing great.

    Following! :)
  17. Basheer

    Basheer Affiliate affiliate

    Great journey! Thanks for sharing. Did you get profitable campaign on Facebook? I think you should try offer with higher payouts, in MaxBounty (if you are in), you can find job offers with $3.4 payouts.
  18. KazaNova

    KazaNova Affiliate affiliate

    Good Journey but why did you stop posting updates . We need to know it complete . i hope you achieved your goal .
  19. emily bizprofits

    emily bizprofits Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate

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