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How to convert an ‘unconvertible’ traffic

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Adwool, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Adwool

    Adwool Affiliate affiliate

    Building successful campaigns for affiliate marketing is a very complex subject, and marketers and industry experts have a lot of opinions on how to make the campaigns work. Some of those opinions are better than the others, but one fact remains: only 10 to 20% of affiliate campaigns will end up being profitable. And even if your campaign receives crazy amounts of traffic, it doesn’t mean that this traffic will convert into lead and sales. In the end you can get a 2% conversion rate, and that can be considered to be a good result. That means that over 90% of the traffic you spend money on gaining ends up bringing nothing back. So, is there a way to convert more traffic?

    As long as affiliate marketers are making money with a campaign, they don’t put a lot of thought into converting more traffic than they usually do. After launching and running the campaign for a certain period of time, you need to step back and take a good look at the campaign. How profitable is it right now? What is its profit potential? If the campaign isn’t bringing any money at the moment and doesn’t look like it will be profitable in the nearest future, abandoning that campaign can be a great idea and will give you the time to design more effective strategies. However, the unconverted traffic, which happens to every affiliate campaign, can soon become a source of worries for you.

    When you work on a campaign, you soon realize that while you have virtually no control over the quality of incoming traffic, you have control over where it ends up, and the key to taking the most out of the incoming traffic is to use intelligent filtering mechanisms. Depending on the type of campaign you run, various optimization methods can work best for you, from redesigning your landing page to reworking the call-to-action. However, sometimes those well-known methods can deliver zero results, and in that case you have nothing to do but get creative. Keep in mind that there is no universal recipe for success, and the things that worked for other affiliates may not do anything for you. Constantly improving your campaigns, optimizing the work with traffic, and applying your imagination to every aspect of an affiliate campaign will eventually bring you the desired result.
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    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    nice tips , really Great Ideas ,
    Most Of Affiliates Quit after spending Couple Dollars on a campaign, which is not good.
    Thanks For Sharing.