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  1. Jay Patel

    Hello guys..

    Hello to everyone! So happy to be here! I am Jay from ADdrawTech and I'm just a freshman, starting out in this industry. Very eager to know more, absolutely fascinated on all what comes to Affiliate Marketing and CPI. Thanks for accepting registration! Best wishes to everyone here!
  2. Abraham DiGiAff

    Looking For Top DSP on Performance basis.

    Hey folks, Could you suggest us, Top DSP on performance basis and payment terms only PostPaid.
  3. C

    New Here!

    My name is Charlie and I am looking for HQ CPI traffic
  4. Yash Bhandari

    Looking for direct CPI offers providing network

    Hey guys, can anyone help me with list of top paying direct CPI networks or CPA networks with direct CPI offers. I know there is a separate thread but that doesnt tell which ones are providing direct CPI in tier 1 geos Most of them are rebrokering and that's not an issue the issue is their...
  5. Navid

    What CPI (app install) Network do you recommend?

    I've been looking for a great CPI network to run with. I've already an account with Appanic, they have great offers, but the support & they way the site is built, is very bad. You can't even search for a specific Geo to see all offers from that Geo. So my question is what CPI Network (a network...
  6. Lucian BitterStrawberry

    Affiliates Wanted Top CPA Payouts for Top CPA Affiliates

    Hi guys, We're having a great time at Bitterstrawberry, making money and pushing traffic where it matters. Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but we were just chosen the Best International CPA Network and we're trying to stay at the top with TOP CONVERTING CPA offers. Our publishers do great in...
  7. M

    Looking for CPI networks

    hey marketers, i'd like to join some cpi networks that have good payout offers and don't require prove of earning from other networks . i'm already with Mobidea,Adcombo
  8. thoithien1993

    Offerstester,com - Best Tool For Checking CPI Offers Tracking Link !

    Hi everyone, Did you try ? I think it's best tool for checking tracking links. You can register free here : offerstester(.)com and check your offers daily. I suggest you should to try it. if you want discuss about offerstester , feel free to discuss with me here ! Best regards, Lee
  9. Devangi Adattract

    Which type of traffic includes with CPI?

    Types of Traffic and how do we categorise it?
  10. Guilly

    Offer Wanted Looking for a Newbie Friendly CPI Network

    Hello This time I want to dive in on CPI and I'm looking for a newbie friendly CPI Network. Thanks All
  11. Adwool

    How to convert an ‘unconvertible’ traffic

    Building successful campaigns for affiliate marketing is a very complex subject, and marketers and industry experts have a lot of opinions on how to make the campaigns work. Some of those opinions are better than the others, but one fact remains: only 10 to 20% of affiliate campaigns will end up...
  12. Devangi Adattract


    Hello, I'm Devangi here from ADAttract. I'm new here for this forum to explore my knowledge with professional.
  13. M

    Art of Click is really amazing!

    Hey everyone, my name is Michael Koval and I`m affiliate manager working for a company Spartamobile. I`ve been working with the guys from Art of Click for around 3 months and I can definately say that they are cool! My messages or requests have never been answered so quickly. They are always...
  14. M


    Hey everyone. Let me introduce myself personally and the network I`m working for. My name is Michael Koval and I`m Spartamobile affiliate manager. I`ve jumped in the business more than a year ago starting with CPC network. Being a native azquisition expert for more than 6 month I`ve finally came...
  15. vlung05

    How can I register the network cpi?

    HI EVERYBODY, I am a newbie, I hope everyone indications. I need to register a number of networks, who can help me, I will leave skype contact or contact me Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!