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  1. OnClickA Ad Network

    Official We're Looking For Publishers!

    :cool: Looking to maximize your revenue as a publisher? OnClickA is your go-to platform! We guarantee a high fill rate and a 10-minute approval process, ensuring monetization for all traffic types. Why choose us? High Fill Rate: Monetize all types of traffic efficiently with our high fill...
  2. Adrenalead

    Official Notifadz by Adrenalead- monetize your website traffic with Web Push Notifications

    Notifadz by Adrenalead is a great alternative for website publishers. We are the first advertising platform of Web Push Notifications that gives great opportunities to the publishers to monetize their website/ blog in programmatic advertising and preserve the quality of the content. Let's...
  3. Armorica

    Affiliates Wanted Armorica - Hot E-commerce Offers | CPA, RevShare | SmartLink | Nutra, CBD, etc

    Armorica is an affiliate network with highly-demanded CPA and Revenue Share offers. Here you can find exclusive deals for your traffic in different verticals: E-commerce, Nutra, Finance, Educational, Health and Beauty, and even more. We carefully handpicked and integrated the best performing...
  4. Phill AdsBridge

    Only two tips to increase your profit

    I propose you only two tips for increasing your profit. Why exactly these tips? Because about 92% of our users find it profitable and we want you to join them. However, let’s begin with some terminology, that could be unfamiliar for newbies. Campaign - is a set of elements, such as traffic...
  5. Phill AdsBridge

    Push notifications at AdsBridge

    Hi everyone! :) We are eager to share the latest news with you! Our awesome tech team has developed a NEW FEATURE and now you can monetize your traffic using push-notifications at AdsBridge. Just place a code on your landing page and collect the base of subscriptions for further...
  6. Phill AdsBridge

    New HOT feature from AdsBridge: Traffic Monetization

    Track and monetize the traffic usually looks like work with several tools. AdsBridge Team has been working extremely hard to effectively give users a new functionality - “Traffic Monetization” We know that this may sound strange, but now the system distributes automatically all your incoming...
  7. B

    Who believe in the Movie Niche ?

    Hello everyone ! Ad-center is thinking about improvement regarding the movie niche. What do you think about this niche ? Do you use or still work in this niche ? Give me your feedback, I will be interested to know more about your opinion ;) Love and chocolate :p
  8. xlovecash

    Affiliates Wanted Affiliates Wanted - Great Offers

    Good Day Affiliate Fix, My name is Dave and I am an affiliate account manager with I am often found on the welcome committee in introduction feed. Love the community and happy to an active member. I am offering you the opportunity to have your own free white-label webcam site and...
  9. EZmob

    Looking For Adult publishers

    Hi everyone , EZmob is looking for new adult publishers , if you got an adult site with good quality traffic we invite you to join us and register a publisher account on Easy Mob | Self-Serve Advertising Platform We offer: *A self-Serve Dashboard *HUGE pop demand *High eCPM and Worldwide...
  10. Navid

    IP Targeting Monetization when media buying

    I have a friend that is a good media buyer. He gets tons of top-quality traffic to his sites (he targets based on country & site whitelists he has created and mainly (98%) pop-under traffic). He is willing to give me IP-whitelist he has created recently (based on his traffic). So my question...
  11. ByOffers

    Ask Me Anything What traffic sources are forbidden for most dating offers, and which are desirable?

    Every day we receive lots of questions from publishers among which the most common one is: what traffic sources are allowed for the particular offer promotion in dating niche. The most important word in the previous sentence is PARTICULAR offer! Though there exist certain general sources...
  12. M

    Glad to Help you if you have any queries.

    Hi, I am Madhu Padala from India. I am a professional HR - Manager in a PEB industry and am passionate about working online and earning a good second income by doing part time online business. I have been in this online industry since 6+ years and had seen a lots of ups and downs in online...
  13. xlovecash

    Ask Me Anything Xlovecam European Tour: Setup a Meeting today

    All, Xlovecam will be attending, The Webmaster Access Sept 8th to 11th, Xbiz Berlin September 11 to 14th 2017 and The European Summit Sept 14th to 17th 2017, show some love and lets trade business cards. We are looking to talk shop and explore all possibilities for new partnerships. skype...
  14. Helen Wingoads

    Selling Traffic WINGOADS SMART DEAL get 15$ bonus!

    Advertisers, check out our latest offer, deposit your first minimum 50$ payment and get 15$ bonus! Attention: you will get a bonus only in case you send us a promo code “Summer15”. Hurry up to get your bonus in August 2017 and enjoy cooperation with Wingoads. We are happy to work for you...
  15. Helen Wingoads

    Announcement Win a ticket to Affiliate Summit East 2017 with Wingoads!

    It’s never too early to plan. We offer you to add it to your planner “to attend Affiliate Summit East 2017”. You can get a ticket to the performance marketing industry’s global event just starting cooperation with us! We will choose a winner randomly among our existing publishers and...
  16. Elite Affiliates

    $1200 Bi-Weekly With Content Locking?

    Hey Guys, this isn't bragging - I want to help ANYONE that's struggling - so please don't hate on me!! Adgate Media are an incredible incentive CPA network, that I've been working with for a long time. The earnings below were achieved using content locking! :cool: They have some great...
  17. MariaV

    Affiliates Wanted publishers for direct, great converting offers!

    We are working directly with many advertisers like Hulu, Uber, All State, Lendio, and more... and I'm looking for new sources of traffic. Offers are on a CPL, CPA, CPI, and PPCall model, payments are on a bi-weekly basis (twice a month). All types of traffic accepted except for incent and call...
  18. Adwool

    How to convert an ‘unconvertible’ traffic

    Building successful campaigns for affiliate marketing is a very complex subject, and marketers and industry experts have a lot of opinions on how to make the campaigns work. Some of those opinions are better than the others, but one fact remains: only 10 to 20% of affiliate campaigns will end up...
  19. affbro

    Please Help me !!

    I have some CPI offers and i totally confused how to promote (newbie :p), i don't want to post on social media or making app reviews etc to grab leads. But i am using incentive CPI offer to promote and i have also a facebook group of 1000 active peoples, where i pay users to download/install...
  20. ChristianaOBM

    Looking for Quality Traffic

    Hey Everyone, My name is Christiana and I am an AM for Orderbox Media. We are an advertising network managing exclusive and direct campaigns for both desktop and mobile. Our proprietary, cutting-edge platform makes sure that not one impression goes to waste. Its' algorithm optimizes the...