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High Volume Email Senders Myths.

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Iss Meftah, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Iss Meftah

    Iss Meftah Guest

    Only “black-hats” and criminals do bulk email.

    -> False.
    Yes, there are some ne'er–do–wells out there but, a lot of hardworking individuals running serious businesses send bulk email. Real criminals do not even bother with getting IPs, they create bot-nets via malware and phishing scams. That's whole other ball-game.

    It's just SPAM. It's illegal.

    The act of sending LOTS of emails is not the issue. It's the lack of permission that's the problem. SPAM is unsolicited; it's the sending to people who have NOT opted-in --THAT's illegal.

    Marketing is so personalized and segmented now, sending in bulk is idiotic.

    Yes, marketing is more segmented and requires more personalization now. But some industries, like payday loans and As Seen On TV offers, still have enough of a mass appeal that the cost of sending email is still low enough to be profitable (wildly profitable).

    It doesn't work and it's too expensive anyway.

    Bulk email still works. That's proven over and over. Day after day, year after year. And if you learn how to manage your own IPs, there is no more cost effective way to market a product than bulk email.

    DATA & IPs

    Nothing is more critical to effective bulk email sending than quality data and IPs. If you don't have access to both, just forget about it. Seriously.

    Without good IPs and good data, you'll be left floundering.
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