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I've been trying to find good resources for email marketing. Mailerforum looked great back in its day, but it doesn't appear that they've posted anything recent in ages. I'm trying to find active email marketing forums. I've noticed that many forums are kind of a mix of many things: Blackhatworld, DigitalPoint, WickedFire. I've tried to put together a small list. I'm omitting this forum, because you are on this forum reading this :) I'm just trying to share additional resources and what I've found.

[*]Warrior Forum: The Warrior Forum is a popular internet marketing forum that includes a section dedicated to email marketing discussions. It's a place where marketers share their knowledge and experiences.
[*]Digital Point: Digital Point is another well-known internet marketing forum where you can find discussions on various marketing topics, including email marketing.
[*][Email Marketing Reddit: Reddit hosts various subreddits on different topics, including email marketing. The subreddit is a place where you can ask questions, share insights, and engage with other email marketers.
[*][Litmus Community: Litmus is a popular email testing and analytics platform. Their community forum is an excellent resource for discussions related to email design, testing, and troubleshooting.
[*]Constant Contact Community: If you use Constant Contact for your email marketing campaigns, their community forum is a good place to connect with other users, ask questions, and share advice.
[*]Blogmail Email Marketing Forum: Blogmail is an email marketing forum for email marketers to exchange their insights and experiences.
[*]Mailerforum: Had the most technical people and some great minds, but it seems like it's been a ghost town for years. Which sadly dates the information. Note: You have to login to be able to see the website. It looks broken if you aren't logged in....
[*]BlackHatWorld: BlackHatWorld is an online forum and community that focuses on various topics related to internet marketing, online business, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. It's known for providing a platform where users can discuss various strategies and techniques related to online marketing.
[*]WickedFire: WickedFire is an online forum and community focused on discussions related to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and various online business strategies. It was known for its active user base and discussions on a wide range of topics related to online marketing.

My take-away:

[*]WarriorForum - Their email forum is not very active at all. There's good information in there, but everything is an upsell.
[*]Digital Point - There's almost nothing in their email marketing forums, they have a great marketplace, but not great for information.
[*]Reddit - There are some gems in here, but again, the forum isn't all that active.
[*]Litmus - Great answers for HTML & developing email creatives. Not very active.
[*]Constant Contact Community - They are great for all things Constant Contact, not very much outside of that.
[*]Blogmail - Newer forum but super active. Great gems in there too.
[*]Mailerforum - In a time long ago, it was great. Now it's dead. Some information is still ok, but a lot of it is dated.
[*]BlackHatWorld - I like this forum. It's fairly active. There are a lot of scammers on there and everybody is trying to sell something.
[*]WickedFire: Another great forum from a long time ago. Definitely on the dead side now.

If you've got any good email marketing forums or websites that you could share, I would greatly appreciate it. Happy mailing :)
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