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  1. Abhi Shah

    Announcement Send Unlimited Cold Emails

    Check this out - An AI driven Bulk Email Marketing Service | SwipeMail SwipeMail ( is fastest growing ESP of the globe with Industry leading delivery rate. Cheapest - Price is almost 75% less than other global ESP’s like MailChimp, Aweber, ConstantContact etc. Fastest - Using...
  2. Abhi Shah

    Looking For Bulk Email Marketing?

    I would suggest you to explore An AI driven Bulk Email Marketing Service. One of the best ESP with some of the features/benifis as below : World's best servers delivers 99% of your emails. Fully loaded with advanced features Reliable SMTP Real-time measurable analytics Highly optimized inbox...
  3. I

    High Volume Email Senders Myths.

    Only “black-hats” and criminals do bulk email. -> False. Yes, there are some ne'er–do–wells out there but, a lot of hardworking individuals running serious businesses send bulk email. Real criminals do not even bother with getting IPs, they create bot-nets via malware and phishing scams. That's...
  4. K

    bulk email advice needed asap

    hello, i am here for bulk email advise for single opt in data. please help.
  5. S

    Have SMTP Server & Want to Warm up Your IPs?

    Hi Fixers, Most of you maybe have tried to set up a mailing server, but the problem is always the same not matter how bigger your Data is... without appropriately warming up your IPs your email will always land into SPAM folder. to avoid that I have a great idea to solve this problem. the idea...