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My name is David Liam West, the main author and webmaster of
our new website

We started our project 2 months ago when we when heard of this great opportunity
of earning money by affiliate marketing.

We began from scratch, which means we didn't know nothing about how to run this whole thing and we tried to learn as much as we could, sign for as much affiliate networks as we could and to find affiliate partners for our campaigns.

As you all know, this all is on the one hand very interesting, on the other hand there are thousands of strategies and promoting ways going around, and even if we learn every day, there's still so much we don't know.

So we began to create our website, on which we began to publish reports about certain topics and connect them with recommendations for our affiliate partners.

We also use social media, where we have to say that facebook doesn't run very well, Instagram and Twitter seem to be way much better when it comes to feedback,
but we were still not really be able to monetize our content.

Likes are nice, but if you don't convert them to money, it's just nice to watch.

Traffic to our website is also, let's say improvable -
but nobody of us expected that it would explode from the first day.

But we would like to improve our traffic of course, and most importantly to monetize our traffic, means tips how to get traffic on our website on the one hand, and on the other to convert our (yet) still vicitors into leads and sales.

We think, that we need to change our general template on the hand (which seemed to look good in the first place), and on the other hand the generation of traffic.

Also social media marketing experts are welcome, this way seems to have the capability to get quick in touch with the user.

So we got hundreds of SEO Services writing us, but we think that our main theme,
experience reports and reports of current topics is so overloaded, that SEO Optimization would only bring us from Position 10.000.000 to 1.000.000,
so we are not really thinking that this would make sense.

But any other tips, strategies, help, social media experts, in short, people that could
help us to monetize our content, are welcome!

Maybe we can also help in the future to help somebody of you by pushing your content at our site!



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Best of luck to you!