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  1. panamatraffic

    Affiliates Wanted Best CPA Network for Social Media & Chat Traffic

    We have the best dating offers with higher payout if you have traffic and do not know what to do with it come to us and earn more!:cool: We have a Dating offer for ALL GEOS payments $40 per join if you are interested contact me
  2. caitlykdavis

    Which is the best Twitter automation tool in 2022?

    Are there any suggestion?
  3. MarquittaGreen

    Interested to try Snapchat Ads for your brand?

    A Quick Guide to Snapchat Ads With 256 million daily active Snapchat users, you can deny the fact that this platform is powerful. For businesses looking to reach more audiences, taking advantage of Snapchat ads is ideal.
  4. Alex PromoRepublic

    Best White Hat B2B Social Media Management tool Affiliate Program!

    Hey guys! PromoRepublic is on board! A super easy and profitable affiliate program for you to work with. PromoRebublic is the team behind the social media management platform with 100,000 social media templates and automatic posting for small businesses, marketers, agencies, and freelancers...
  5. kanbaou youness

    Hello to AffiliateFix Community

    Hi everybody, I'm Youness from MOROCCO , I'm an internet entrepreneur/expert social media and i help people to build targeted email list, and convert them into sales. I'm here to share all of my experiences and knowledge to help you succeed.
  6. Claire Harbour

    [TIP] Prequalify leads through Facebook ads

    Tip for affiliates promoting verticals that require specific criteria to be met in order for leads to be accepted i.e country, amount, brand, date etc. Make use of carousels in your Facebook Ads! Ask a question that's related to the criteria and display accepted options as slides. Doing this...
  7. J

    Landing pages software

    Hi veterans, I was looking in the forum threads and could not find, so I thought to ask. I'm looking in the context of adult content sites. In the "mainstream", stuff such as ClickFunnels, Instapage, LeadPages software for landing pages. Also, there's stuff for Email marketing like Drip...
  8. S

    3 Tips For Affiliate Marketing With Instagram

    Over the past few months there has been a ton of hype about using Instagram for affiliate marketing so here are my top three tips to help you get the best results possible. Tip #1 Post links to your landing pages and websites within your stories. Now before you get all like, but I need to have...
  9. T

    Hello Community! My name ist David Liam West!

    Hello! My name is David Liam West, the main author and webmaster of our new website We started our project 2 months ago when we when heard of this great opportunity of earning money by affiliate marketing. We began from scratch, which means we didn't know nothing about how...
  10. TomatoSoup

    Influence marketing. Do you work with opinion leaders?

    Hi, affiliatefix world. I've got task - to find opinion leaders which will romote essay writing services. I've sent over 50 emails to Youtube bloggers and received just 4 replies. Where I can found influencers and common people with high engagement rate accounts in Youtube, Twitter, Instagram...
  11. PerformanceInChris

    Good Evening all.

    As of 2 weeks ago I started an exciting new role at PerformanceIN live. I'm in charge of all things ticket related and also pretty new to this field of marketing. Willing to learn and speak to experts in their field on this forum. Here's a little about the event... PerformanceIN Live is a...
  12. Mohammad Morshed Alam

    Heavy for affiliate marketing

    I am Heavy for affiliate marketing. I am working full time on affiliate marketing.
  13. Chris Knight

    Hello from an Aussie in San Francisco

    Hello all, I stumbled upon AffiliateFix last night, I'm a UI/UX designer that has worked in the advertising and product design for a good 10 years, so hopefully can add a bit of value on that front :). Joined as this looks like a great community!
  14. affbro

    Please Help me !!

    I have some CPI offers and i totally confused how to promote (newbie :p), i don't want to post on social media or making app reviews etc to grab leads. But i am using incentive CPI offer to promote and i have also a facebook group of 1000 active peoples, where i pay users to download/install...
  15. Walid Chaki

    Facebook groups help

    Heey Is there any way to tag all who joined in a group in a post Kindly Best regards,
  16. Nofar Wegman | Mappstreet

    Affiliate account manager

    Affiliate Account Manager in a performance based online marketing network that focus on mobile content (web and wap) email submits offers and installs. (CPA, CPL, CPI)
  17. emily bizprofits

    Snapchat Ads: What Marketers Need to Know

    If you are thinking about the next big thing in social media advertising, all signs point at Snapchat. Developed as a gimmick for teens in 2011, it’s grown to provide what people have been craving – Photoshop-free images and mobile-friendly vertical videos. The very idea of ephemeral content...
  18. azgold

    [News] 9 Social Media Marketing Tools to Improve Your Strategy

    Okay, we all know the power of a good social marketing campaign. But done manually, it takes an enormous time commitment. In an article on Huffpost Business, author Larry Alton recommends nine different social media marketing tools that he believes are transforming their industries and...
  19. trackingdesk

    Your Social Media Trash is full of Cash

    A catchy message can travel fast and far across social media networks and yet, the paradox of this success can uncover a sour surprise. Here is why: When you promote an affiliate offer on social media networks, you can never know or predict how far your message will fly, who will click on it...
  20. azgold

    The Hard Truth About Social Media And What You Need to Do About It

    This morning, as I was scanning the news online, I happened upon an article by Jeff Bullas, titled, The Hard Truth About Social Media And What You Need to Do About It Bullas begins by talking about the 'old' days of social media, "This was global and virtual connections at scale." He then...