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  1. laura

    Selling Cold Crypto premium leads

    Fresh Crypto Data Leads For Sale Geo: CA, AU, GB, DE, IT, ES, Nordics Info: name, email, phone number and funnel High CR! Quantity awesome! Hit me up for CPA model offers
  2. Emmawantstolearn

    How To Track Order Page Stats?

    Hi Everyone! I signed up for LT Tracker. Completed My Path & Everything Else Seems To Be Ok with the Campaign tracking except I don't know how to track customers who went up to the Order Page which is past the Offer Page (both of which I have no control over!). My CPA Network gives me tokens...
  3. M

    what is the best traffic software?

    Being a newbie, it is difficult to reach out to people. I heard that Traffic Zion is a very good traffic generator, however, it only works with WordPress. I am using GroovePages and I do not want to use WordPress for this. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you in advance.
  4. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    Call center guys, what is the difference between leads and loads?

    I have been trying to read up on this but not much information on it. This conversation came up when a partner of mine called me up that he is got good number of LOADS in USA Personal Finance: Payday loans, SSID-Disability applicants, Biz-ops, Mortgage, Mobile, coupons, gambling applicants et...
  5. ben gu

    How to monetize crypto leads?

    Have some crypto leads from different GEOs. Leads have name, last name and e-mail. I would appreciate if someone give me an advice how can I use the leads? ;) Can this data help me to run a crypto offer?o_O Please advice...
  6. Ronyking Sourcing INC

    Anyone working with USA leads?

    As the subject implies, i'd like to know if there is anyone working with USA vacation package buyers, Finance, loans, disability applicants and or personal/Auto injury leads.
  7. Muhammad Hamza

    Buying Leads Need Live Crypto Leads

    Hi We have launched our in-house crypto offers. We are looking for live crypto leads for our campaigns. We invite you to connect with our team at skype to sell crypto leads. Skype: adswick Regards AdsWick
  8. Claire Harbour

    Tip for affiliates doing flight claims

    Follow Twitter accounts like which have up to date info about airlines affected by delays. How can this help you? Well, If TUI is mentioned, for example, bids can be increased on the keyword for the next few days to capture as many valid delays as possible.
  9. Claire Harbour

    How to reduce phone 'no answer'?

    I was wondering if any affiliates might have some ideas on how I can reduce 'No Answer'. A good amount of my leads are failing because people aren't answering their phones. I've removed reference to calling (i.e. An expert will call you shortly...) on the thank you page and have validation on...
  10. Louie V

    Looking for personal loan leads to buy!

    If you have any please sign up here then immediately contact me so that I can help you get started with our vey easy process. But before contacting me just sign up here.
  11. arberzylfiu

    New to lead generation business - need help

    Hello everybody, I am new here and excited that I am part of this forum. It really seems really helpful and nice. Recently I saw a video on how to start a lead generation business and the video was really helpful and covered everything to start your very own business. What I got from the video...
  12. René Wagner

    Selling Leads

    I'm searching for a plattform where i can sell my leads?
  13. U

    Mobile number verification tool

    Guys, can any one suggest me a tool where I can bulk verify US mobile numbers? Just like Email verify.
  14. Robot23

    Is there a way to distribute leads through one form?

    Ok so, I know how to generate leads... However, I'm looking for a way to distribute one lead to multiple affiliate offers. For example: I have a form on my site when people enter their info I want to to get sent to offer A, offer B & offer C I've seen this technique used by sites I just don't...
  15. Brand In A Flash

    LeadGen Offer creation services

    Great to be a part of this forum. Brand In A Flash specializes in creating high-converting LeadGen Offers for marketers. We've also developed our own cutting-edge funnel platform. Looking forward to building new business relationships. Brand In A Flash
  16. S

    Looking for Constant FX/Binary CPA Leads

    Looking for company or someone who can provide on weekly bases(maybe daily) Forex or Binary leads. CPA of course. Let me know if you are selling - I'm down to any offers
  17. M

    UK Flight Delay Leads for Sale

    I am generating a lot of Flight Delay compensation leads for the UK market. PPC generated leads. Does anyone know of any networks buying these leads?
  18. M

    Looking for Medicare part B lists, they must include the Medicare number do you calling lists avail?

    i can purchase in heavy volume of quality is good.
  19. T

    Hello Community! My name ist David Liam West!

    Hello! My name is David Liam West, the main author and webmaster of our new website We started our project 2 months ago when we when heard of this great opportunity of earning money by affiliate marketing. We began from scratch, which means we didn't know nothing about how...
  20. Ifalaye

    For exclusives offers we are looking for insurance and loans US leads or traffic.

    For exclusives offers we are looking for insurance and loans US leads or traffic. We are looking a partnership and we offer high paying. Contact us: