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  1. Richard Mwangi

    Help me understand what am doing wrong

    Hi am Richard from Africa Kenya, I joined affiliate marketing back 2014 I have never even a penny from this but I am still pushing I have a website called and the picture represents my traffic for the last two weeks and not losing hope anytime soon kindly help me out.
  2. T

    Hello Community! My name ist David Liam West!

    Hello! My name is David Liam West, the main author and webmaster of our new website We started our project 2 months ago when we when heard of this great opportunity of earning money by affiliate marketing. We began from scratch, which means we didn't know nothing about how...
  3. spikexbones

    Big NOOB here help plz

    Hello, I am confused as to the whole affiliate marketing thing works. So yes I have ran websites in the past and I understand that if you have affiliate companies with ads and you can get paid for people to click on them sometimes just look at them or they have to sign up ect. However, what if I...