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Adcash is Sucking Day by Day

Discussion in 'Disputes and Resolutions' started by jsid1008, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. jsid1008

    jsid1008 Affiliate affiliate

    I have already shared my follow along here but in this article i want to share the problems i am facing with Adcash in terms of support, reports and followup.

    1) The session timeout is 15 minutes but in every 2-3 minutes it logs out of the system.

    2)While working on the site or doing some changes in the campaigns, it logs out automatically.

    3) After saving something, it gets logged off. When you log in back, it doesn't show the changes.

    4) The support sucks, if you send them a mail it takes years to get the reply back (They should know it kind a frustrating to wait for small doubts when you are about to launch a campaign) . There have been very rare instances if have received reply quickly.

    5) If you are in the middle of launching a campaign and you have a doubt then there is nobody who can help you out.

    6) I got a skype contact of Natalia through this forum, she did solve some of my queries. But, now she has stopped replying to me, for every small thing she asks to mail to adcash Support team. Should i be writing a mail to Adcash support for small doubts and wait for days for reply to come?

    7) Somehow, the campaign got launched and within few minutes my $15 was gone. This time i was very much focussed that i would keep an eye on the campaign from the very first impression and cut placements on time. But within few minutes, i received 10K+ impressions from a specific category.
    There was no option to look at the stats while the campaign was running. I wanted to see the report to know where the traffic is coming from so that i could optimise it. When i paused the campaign, then only i was able to see the report.
    I want to know if This is how Adcash works??

    8) I have never seen such a pathetic website, things doesn't work. After pausing the campaign,I did some changes three times, saved the changes, the system got logged off and when i went back in, it was still the same.

    Folks, i want to know whether you too faced difficulties in working with Adcash.

    I thought that without a tracker i would be able to manage it, but now i feel the need of it. Sometimes you learn by burning your hand.

    If i have gone wrong somewhere then please let me know, i have mentioned the things which i have faced in the past few days.

    Please advice whether to continue with them or find a new traffic source.
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  3. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    So did you end up using a different traffic source?
    I am going to start mobile too and had adcash in mind but if it's not working maybe I should start with another
  4. servandosilva

    servandosilva Affiliate affiliate

    Running pop traffic from a big source like adcash without a tracker is crazy man. Get a tracker and start checking everything.
    As for the UI... well yes... they're still kind of BETA and they have a ton of bugs. The managed version works OK though.
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