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  1. adcash_team

    Navigating Mobiles vs. Desktop Ad Landscape? Let's discuss it!

    Want to master the nuances of Mobile and Desktop Advertising? ⚔️ Our latest blog takes a deep dive into the best practice for both platform types, how to craft creatives that best suit them, and illuminates the path towards a unified approach. ⚡ Get the full scoop right here...
  2. adcash_team

    Official 2022 offer, Insider info & tips to succeed on Adcash + Ask Us Anything

    Hi, affiliates! We are finally here with our 2022 bonus offer to affiliate marketers in the AffiliateFix community! About time, right? Reach your affiliate marketing goals with Adcash! ⭐️ For those of you who haven't heard about us - Adcash is a global self-serve online advertising platform...
  3. L

    Case Study Media Buy: How to be profitable with a $250 budget on any product.

    In this case study, we will give you our 10-point performance checklist and explain how to launch a profitable Media Buy campaign with only $250 budget, an Affiliate marketing offer, Adcash as traffic source and Voluum as optimization software. But you may be asking yourself; Why a case study...
  4. harnur

    Do pop ads, pop under ads still work?

    Which categories shud I focus on? Shud I focus more on mobile than desktop? How many dollars shud I spend for testing one campaign?
  5. Asare

    Adcash Mobile

    Hi Guys, I had a question concerning Adcash and mobile targeting. Which categories is best suited for their traffic? It seems that I have a hard time converting on their traffic source for mobile. Thanks for your feedback
  6. Mobidea

    Meet Up Mobidea and Adcash networking party!

    Hey guys! Want to have a chill evening and connect with awesome people on the best rooftop in Berlin? We do, too! Mobidea and Adcash decided to join forces and create the best networking party in town! It has been a while since we last met and that’s why, @adcash_team and Mobidea are...
  7. A

    adcash 100% traffic bot 45k imp 0 conv

    when I asked for a refund he told my Just remember we retain 25% of the remaining balance 100% fake traffic dont use. it protects their Publisher but not the advertiser
  8. evik

    Adcash shows 37k impressions and 471 conv - Wrong stats!?@#

    What is really going on here? please help me figure it out :oops:
  9. L

    Selling Traffic Selling global Traffic--Global Leading Ad Network

    Hi, I am working for Adcash, a global leading Ad Network with worldwide traffic and delivering billions of impressions every month. If you are looking for traffic, installs or leads, please reach out to me on Skype to further discuss. Skype ID lauracuddy.adcash
  10. PJ Martin

    Wifi Traffic in Cellular only campaigns

    I'm using voluum and it reports tons of wifi traffic in some campaigns that were targeted just for carrier traffic, with some traffic sources. I'm not talking about a low percentage, but from 20 to up to 70% or more.. After contacting one of this networks today (ADCash) they say on their side...
  11. adcash_team

    Meet Adcash at ASW 2016

    Adcash will be kicking off the 2016 events season in Las Vegas, NV. with Affiliate Summit West. If you're attending, let's talk and we'll help get your new year off to an awesome start. Book a meeting here.
  12. medvih

    Getting started with a pop traffic source

    As they say, the most difficult part is getting started. I am currently getting ready for my first campaign, I did contact several affiliate networks and got accepted in some (will name them when I start a follow along). Basically my offers will be mobile utility apps installs, sweeps and...
  13. J

    Adcash is Sucking Day by Day

    I have already shared my follow along here but in this article i want to share the problems i am facing with Adcash in terms of support, reports and followup. 1) The session timeout is 15 minutes but in every 2-3 minutes it logs out of the system. 2)While working on the site or doing some...
  14. J

    My First Campaign with Adcash

    After 3 months of learning AM basics, I finally took the step to take an Action. After a lot of confusion of choosing a vertical, traffic source, offer, geo. I finally decided to go with Pops on web. I chose Adcash as a traffic source as my AM from the aff network recommended it. So, i put...