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4 Best Services For One-Click Landing Pages That Convert

David Mali

Active Member

I always like to start out with a free option, because it provides a nice baseline to consider as we evaluate whether or not it’s worth it to shell out limited resources for a landing page service.

A few reasons to go with a one-click landing page are:
  1. Typically the cheapest option​
  2. Nix the hassle of finding the right copywriter​
  3. All you need to add is headlines and bullet points​
  4. Skip the graphic design process​
  5. Guaranteed to at least not suck​
Well there you have it. If a one-click landing page sounds like it’s right for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best services out there to get you started.​

so i will share with you the best 4
Services For One-Click Landing Pages That Convert

1. Instapage

also offers a starting price of $29, but for only 5,000 visitors.

Unlimited A/B testing is also included at this price point. Instapage benefits from an extremely simple, user-friendly interface. You won’t need a month to figure the software out.

Instapage has a very large, high-quality selection of templates. While there are some sleeker, flashier options available, you won’t go wrong with an Instapage landing page, and at $29 per month, you won’t find one for less. I’ve included it ahead of Landingi due to a bigger template selection and live chat availability.

2. Lander

The first paid service on our list is lander, the landing page provider that does everything well but nothing exceptional.

At a starting price point of $70 per month for 5,000 monthly views, Lander is neither a steal nor a rip-off. Their landing page templates are limited, but they are clean, modern, and aligned very well with conversion optimization principles.

3. Landingi

If you pay landingi 6 months at a time, you can get 10,000 visitors per month for just $29.

Landingi offers a great selection of templates and unlimited A/B testing at each price point. It’s a solid option at a great price.

My two concerns with Landingi are the absence of live chat support and the presence of quite a few “premium” templates in their selection. Charging premium customers further for specific templates is extremely counter-intuitive to me.

4. Leadpages

After some extensive analysis, I’m giving the top spot on this list to Leadpages.

Like Unbounce, LeadPages was created specifically with landing page conversions in mind. Unlike Unbounce, however, LeadPages doesn’t stop at the page itself. With high-value features like opt-in boxes and click-to-subscribe text links, a LeadPage subscription provides owners with a formidable set of tools to build email lists or convert traffic into buyers.

Furthermore, LeadPage price points have NO usage restraints. The starting price of $37 per month offers landing page templates and opt-in boxes with no additional features.