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squeeze pages

  1. Ethan Taylor

    Ideal places for advertising a squeeze page of social network marketing niche?

    Let's say I will be giving away a free ebook by using a squeeze page in order to build an email list of "Instagram marketing" niche. Where would be the ideal places for advertising such a squeeze page? I hope my subscribers will not be just "freebie seekers" and will be willing to buy products...
  2. Mostafa Adel Khayri

    More info about tracking & landing pages, Please ?

    It seems like being naive questions, But why to pay for tracking that amount of money, when "try and error" method is way cheaper, I mean that in Facebook ads for example, I can run several campaigns for different offers and GEO tags, to know which one converts well, then I keep growing it, or...
  3. David Mali

    4 Best Services For One-Click Landing Pages That Convert

    I always like to start out with a free option, because it provides a nice baseline to consider as we evaluate whether or not it’s worth it to shell out limited resources for a landing page service. A few reasons to go with a one-click landing page are: Typically the cheapest option Nix the...
  4. chriscxmpo

    Please rate my landing page

    Hello everyone. I just made a landing page using getResponse. I'm quite a failure with social media advertising and I'm not good with SEO. So try to get sales from an email list. This is my landing page tackling the 'baby care' niche. Please rate my landing page. Some good and bad points so I...
  5. Walid Chaki

    Question about blogger and wordpress

    Hey guys how are you ? I'd like to build my own landing and squeeze pages on blogger and wordpress the question is is it necessary to buy a domain and hosting to my landing pages ???
  6. K

    Squeeze pages why are they still here?

    We see a lot of those ugly ,shady , scam like , make money , long scrolling , old fashioned Squeeze pages still being widely used for lead generation . And we often wonder why are they still here?? why Do people still click them ? Is this design format something that is typical of american...