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More info about tracking & landing pages, Please ?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Mostafa Adel Khayri, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Mostafa Adel Khayri

    Mostafa Adel Khayri Affiliate affiliate

    It seems like being naive questions,

    But why to pay for tracking that amount of money, when "try and error" method is way cheaper, I mean that in Facebook ads for example, I can run several campaigns for different offers and GEO tags, to know which one converts well, then I keep growing it, or the tracking have way more functions that I don't understand ??

    Then, for the landing pages, why to use a landing page when I can instantly redirect traffic to the offer's page/sales page or download page, from my small vision, users don't prefer to go through may pages, I guess it's boring somehow to be on a lander then the product/service website, then we can directly drive them to the website itself ?

    sorry if how simple it is, but I want to run my first campaign/s and I want it to go in the right way.

    Thank you in advance :)
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  3. AstroBoss

    AstroBoss Affiliate affiliate

    this are good questions you are asking right there, but let me tell you that it is your choice if you decide to use or not some tools, and also to set out your campaign hos you think it will work the better way! so a tracker will be very important if you want to know where your traffic is coming from, also to help you to detect if you are facing bot and robots on your traffic, this are the main reasons why people afford a tracker! concerning a landing page, my opinion is that it's very important not just to make a landing page, but to build a good one, that will explain very well what the offer is, and increase your percentage to generate revenue. It's true that leads sometime just want to be redirect on the main page of the offer, but this happen when they already know what they want, but let me tell you that some other ones don't even know what they are really looking for, and those ones, if you want to catch them, you should provide them something more clear, and that shows them how useful will be for them what you are promoting, this can only be made by your landing page!! That is whey people even afford spytools to help them optimizing their campaign, banners, landing, because mistakes are constantly, and can really make you waste too much.
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  4. Mostafa Adel Khayri

    Mostafa Adel Khayri Affiliate affiliate

    This is a great answer, thank you :)