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$3,665 it's my best month so far !!

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by Honeybadger, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Honeybadger

    Honeybadger Affiliate affiliate

    This isn't brag post, it's thank you post
    In 2 weeks my biggest monthly affiliate commission payment will come and it's $3,665
    Maybe for some super affiliate it's not much, and for new affiliates it's alot
    For me it means I am a boss now, and work from home without any worry
    Thank you to all Affiliate Fix community
    All of you helped me, moderators (thankless job) who gave me smart actionable advice and tips @T J Tutor @azgold @tyoussef @Graybeard and all members who contribute
    I even learned from the spammers some things !!
    We are international community together with 1 mission --> success
    Work smart, help your customers, keep learning and enjoy your life
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2021
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  2. Voluum
  3. VladimirP.

    VladimirP. Affiliate affiliate

    Great job friend ... best regards
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  4. me3ikan

    me3ikan Affiliate affiliate

    Good job! Hope I get these numbers one day as well :)
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  5. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    We are so very pleased you came here to start and share your successes, and I know there are many more to come for you!

    As for being a boss, I believe you had the "boss" mindset from the beginning and that contributed BIG to your growth and professionalism!
  6. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    am happy for you @Honeybadger, you deserve more, am sure you worked a lot to make that.

    now the important thing is to save that money, and invest in your business.
    $3,665 /month that's a lot of campaigns to test :)
  7. Strickland

    Strickland Affiliate affiliate

    Nice work Honeybadger,
    Keep up the hard work :cool:
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  8. Demii

    Demii Affiliate affiliate

    Nice earnings! Keep it up ;)
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  9. thelegend

    thelegend Affiliate affiliate

    Thats what i call a succes ,congratulation my friend and i wish you many more to come . Can you share with us what you use ,not your method just to know what you use to make such money .Thanks
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  10. Honeybadger

    Honeybadger Affiliate affiliate

    I reply all together with links to resources (not affiliate ID, no connection)

    @me3ikan plan your tasks in a calendar (I use Google Calendar App from Google Play) small tasks are better than big tasks & winning becomes a habit
    When you fail targets, you will learn what doesn't work, so it's not losing it's learning
    You will become smarter

    @T J Tutor I'm lucky to find Affiliate Fix, Affiliate Marketing Wiki & journey threads (TY @shaunm @Demii for sharing your affiliate marketing diary)
    You are right that it's a business, now I have completed the business plan
    Did not enjoy it but now there is clarity & I will continue to develop this plan
    Started by downloading 1 page business plan from Hubspot

    @tyoussef Learn, test and manage affiliate marketing business (& SEO) from summer it's about 1 thousand hours (avg. 40 hours/week x 25 weeks = 1,000 hours)

    Have set aside $200 for PPC in February
    Saturday I will begin to learn PPC on Google Skillshop

    Yes @thelegend, I will share nearly everything
    Imagine it's starting today from zero again with $25
    1. Go to Amazon bestsellers
    2. Choose product niche from checklist
      • $10-30 range products
      • Impulse buy
      • Seasonal need (why now?)
      • Don't need to try on
      • Fits in mail box
      • Not heavy
      • In stock
      • Known brands
      • 80%+ positive rating
      • Generic to all brands
      • Available in all colors
      • Ideally unisex & one size
    3. Choose trending product (example --> pillow covers)
    4. Check search volume (it's 33,100/month for our example 'pillow covers')
    5. Ignore keyword difficulty
    6. Choose specific sub-niche within niche (let's use 'body pillow covers' 14,800/month)
    7. Look for variations of specific sub-niche (examples --> 'white body pillow cover' ??/month)
    8. Register keyword domain with exact phrase but not more als three words (example bodypillowcovers.net) for $5
    9. Set up your preferred CMS
    10. Join Amazon Associates, populate your new affiliate website with body pillow covers (with colored category pages)
    11. For (example) query 'white body pillow covers' you add 50 products & use SEO to ..
    Easily outrank Bed Bath & Beyond --> bedbathandbeyond.com/store/s/white-body-pillow-covers only 17 products

    Easily outrank Walmart whose top page doesn't include color --> walmart.com/browse/home/body-pillow-covers/4044_539103_4130299

    Easily outrank Target their top page is a dynamically generated search results page of random products --> target.com/s/white+body+pillow+covers

    Easily outrank Amazon
    they have alot of good products but SEO is awful --> amazon.com/white-body-pillow-cover/s?k=white+body+pillow+cover

    I am building army of these niche cloned sites, what can get very repetitive and boring but $10,000/month will be worth it by end of summer 2021

    To everyone I recommend you test, test, test and then clone, clone, clone
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2021
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  11. Honeybadger

    Honeybadger Affiliate affiliate

    Received 1st payment $1,230 from 1 affiliate network
    1st affiliate cheque over $1,000/biggest affiliate payment so far
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  12. BMFDigital

    BMFDigital Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

  13. Honeybadger

    Honeybadger Affiliate affiliate

    All payments from affiliate networks received ($3,665 this month)
    The sacrifices were worth it --> when all my bills got paid
    1. Don't think it was easy - if it was easy everyone would be doing it
    2. Don't think it's impossible - it's possible if you plan and execute
    The best 2 ways not to make any money from affiliate marketing?
    1. Never start
    2. Quit halfway
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  14. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Considering the predicament you were in (a displaced COVID economic victim [as I recall]) you have done well in just a few months.
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  15. Aiden L

    Aiden L Affiliate affiliate

    I'm a bit late to the thread but would like to say congratulations! :)
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  16. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Huge congrats, @Honeybadger ! You worked really hard to get there and deserve every success. I agree with TJ that you will continue to soar.

    I'm so happy that you let us tag along on your journey! :)

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  17. Honeybadger

    Honeybadger Affiliate affiliate

    @Graybeard your 100% correct
    I was really worried about paying my bills after losing my job
    Added some affiliate links but commission for the month 1 (August 2020) was few hundred dollars
    Just around that time (September 2020) joined Affiliate Fix
    People (not from Affiliate Fix) told me things like "affiliate marketing is gambling" or "you won't make enough money to pay your bills"
    Right away I could see on Affiliate Fix it was a serious crowd
    So I dived in and starting hunting for buried treasure
    Found you don't have to look far, but you do have to look often
    6 months I have worked very hard, but now I'm trying to work smart
    The hard part now is staying focused
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  18. Anoice

    Anoice Affiliate affiliate

    Congratulations for all your sucess , I am new to the forum and new to affiliate marketing , I hope one day I can have results like you :)
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  19. Honeybadger

    Honeybadger Affiliate affiliate

    Every time you think something is impossible
    take 5-minute break
    make yourself nice warm brew
    and watch this video
  20. NuImageMediacl

    NuImageMediacl Affiliate affiliate

    Congrats on your victory! That's a good chunk of change.
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  21. waad

    waad Affiliate affiliate

    goog job, and keep going.All the best.