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  1. K

    3 Techniques I Used To Make Affiliate Sales Fast

    1. Write Your Headlines As A News Or Informative Article Many people surfing the internet are looking for news, information, and entertainment. Only sometimes are they searching for products to buy. This indicates that they seldom want to click on an ad, and will not want to spend their time...
  2. Honeybadger

    $3,665 it's my best month so far !!

    This isn't brag post, it's thank you post In 2 weeks my biggest monthly affiliate commission payment will come and it's $3,665 Maybe for some super affiliate it's not much, and for new affiliates it's alot For me it means I am a boss now, and work from home without any worry Thank you to all...
  3. T J Tutor

    2018 - Your Review & Assessment

    Here are the questions I have for you as Newbies. Please note: I will also be asking this of the more seasoned marketers in the General Affiliate Marketing Forum. How did 2018 go? What worked for you? What didn’t did not work for you? What new information helped you the most in 2018? Which...