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  1. Steve @ Voluum

    Official Industry trends & strategies for Black Friday 2022

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday season is crucial for brands and marketers! All the challenges facing global markets and the incredible competitiveness of advertising make it all the more daunting. But don’t worry! We have prepared a very special webinar together with Zeropark to help you make...
  2. chroniczzz420


    I wasn't going to say anything about the other problems with their network but this is a joke come on 1000% CTR. I don't want other people to waste their money on their fake crap. Zeropark is bad very bad just look at this 1000% CTR 50 impressions and 500 clicks lol They said traffic that...
  3. CPV Lab Pro

    Discount CPV Lab Pro - Partners

    Hi everybody, I start a new thread where I want to talk about CPV Lab Pro partners. Today I want to announce the partnership with Zeropark, a well known traffic source. Zeropark is an industry-leading ad exchange platform with huge pop, push, in-page push, and domain traffic inventories. It’s...
  4. Smiki

    Ad Networks for Gambling

    Hi everyone, I've been generating leads for the gambling industry and I'm currently considering to expand to new and proven ad networks I'm working currently on Propeller ads and the campaigns there work pretty good. I have tried ZeroPark and Richads but they're not even close in terms of CPA...
  5. zeropark

    Selling Traffic ❗️ Hottest PUSH & POP & DOMAIN verticals in Zeropark + WHITELISTS ❗️

    Hi guys, Since the Q4 is here and the shopping craze is just about to start, we wanted to share our best performing verticals to give you some ideas for what and where to run :cool: Campaign Category Traffic Source Country Code Avg. Bid Sports Betting POPUP MX(Mexico) $0.0051 Sports Betting...
  6. voluum

    Voluum and Zeropark to be acquired by CentralNic Group PLC

    Hi Everyone, Codewise, the company behind Voluum tracker, Voluum DSP and the Zeropark ad exchange, is proud to announce that it has signed a conditional agreement to be acquired by CentralNic Group PLC. We’re happy to assure you that our products will continue to thrive and you can expect both...
  7. zeropark

    [Webinar] How to optimize your campaigns to profitability with Zeropark

    Hey all, Zeropark webinars return and this time we’re turning it up a notch. Two of our Customer Success Managers, Adam and Karolina, will guide you through the process of successful campaign optimization in Zeropark. With this webinar we’re focusing on intermediate-level affiliates, who...
  8. zeropark

    Announcement Free Onboarding Webinar: First steps with Zeropark

    Hi everyone! I’ve got something for those of you who are thinking about exploring Zeropark as your first/next source of traffic. In the upcoming Zeropark’s webinar our Onboarding Manager will show you around the platform and tell you how to set up your first campaign to avoid any rookie...
  9. zeropark

    The Zeropark Push Traffic Cleanup & How It Doubled Push ROI %

    Hi guys! We’re starting this thread to let you know about some major changes to our push traffic inventory. Based on our previous experience, and due to the dynamic nature of the affiliate marketing industry, we realize that every type of traffic requires a bit of cleaning and optimization...
  10. YasonNasser

    using prelanders for CPA offers

    Dears, i'm trying to select offers from "" , with "zeropark" traffic any other suggestion that can help me to make a successful campaign ? it's necessary to use landing page to publish my offer or i can use the direct link on the traffic source?
  11. YasonNasser

    Free Samples Offers from Maxbounty with ZeroPark

    Dears, i'm newbie to CPA affiliate. i created a campaign for free samples offer(Email Submit) on zeropark i spent 20$ with no conversion i got only 70 clicks from 71590 visits. i used landing page and Bemob tracking software. i don't know what is wrong any suggestion or help plz?
  12. Steve @ Voluum

    Zeropark + Voluum Push Ads Webinar

    Hey guys, Probably you are struggling with making your push campaigns profitable or want to scale them but don't know how. Maybe you’re just looking for a fresh new way to get more conversions, better compliance & lower your costs. Let's fix this together by joining our live webinar on Dec 4...
  13. S


    Hello guys! I need help,please! I launched my first campaign (a sweepstake) on Maxbounty, using ZeroPark as a traffic source and AdsBridge as tracker. I've set everything right and I've made a test to verify if everything worked right, but NO! AdsBridge does not count any conversion. How...
  14. C

    Pop Up Ads

    Hi, I am looking to start my journey with Affiliate Marketing. I have spent a month or so learning and researching. I have decided to get into a niche of health & fitness, more specifically weight losing. Before I create my first campaign, I would like to know if pop up ads is the right way...
  15. Steve @ Voluum

    Event Going to MAC'19 Moscow Affiliate Conference? Meet Voluum and Zeropark teams there

    Some time ago we talked about affiliate conferences and meetups. Sooo... Are you going to Moscow Affiliate Conference this year? Cause we are! Meet our Voluum & Zeropark teams during Moscow Affiliate Conference at booth number G20 or simply book a meeting with Alex to talk all things Voluum...
  16. M

    ZeroPark weird traffic source URL

    I'm new at ZeroPark, I started some campaign to collect data, then I realized that many traffic are very weird with a very strange {target_url}. It's like it's bought from other ad networks like popcash, or others are not validated url at all. here are some examples of weird {target_url}...
  17. servandosilva

    Push Notifications Journey on Zeropark to $10,000 per month

    Hey guys. Servando here. It's been a while since I wrote a follow along and I figured this was a good time to write about a traffic source that just implemented a new ads format a month ago. Push notifications are a new type of traffic that kinda resurrected from the old days and now it comes...
  18. editory

    Adult journey to 5000 usd per month

    Hello friends! English is not my native language, sorry for the future mistakes. In affiliate marketing over 4 months, all that time I spent on learning... Target: 5000 usd per Month or 160 usd per Day Niche: Adult(cam/paysites) - Pops, banners Tracker: Voluum (already purchased) Spy...
  19. N

    Starting out with Sweeps and ZeroPark

    I have experience in affiliate marketing from around 8 years ago, though, things have changed a lot since then. I am wanting to get back into the game, and keen to make new contacts, and catch up on what I have missed out on. I have around $1000-$1500 to invest in this. So far, I have been...
  20. Reinstecker

    Zeropark approval

    Hi, How did you guys passed Zeropark Advertiser approval. They said they need screenshots of adspend from the last 30 days on other traffic networks. I've told them i'm new and i never used another paid traffic source. Now they don't write me back. :/